I have compiled the ancestry, back to great-great-grandparents, of the British prime ministers (PMs), from Walpole (generally regarded as the first) to the present.


My sources for the ancestry of the PMs are given on each page, at the end of the ancestor tables which are linked below. So far, I have not generally indicated which evidence has been used for each particular statement. For many of the PMs, much original research in the primary sources has been necessary to get the tables as complete as possible. Further investigation and the improving accessibility of sources will undoubtedly allow further details to be added in the future.


Several of the PMs are ancestors of (or share a significant proportion of their ancestry with) William, Prince of Wales. I have included some examples of this in the notes at the end of the PMs’ pages. The ancestry of King Charles III to the eighteenth generation is set out in Gerald Paget, The Lineage and Ancestry of HRH Prince Charles, Prince of Wales (Edinburgh and London, 1977). Although some of the sources Paget used were excellent, others contained significant errors, and unfortunately references are not given. I have therefore not relied on Paget’s work. Some additions and corrections to it were given by Gary Boyd Roberts in the early issues of The Genealogist. Richard K. Evans, The Ancestry of Diana, Princess of Wales (Boston, 2007), covers twelve generations of the ancestry of William’s mother.


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Edward J. Davies



Sir Robert Walpole, 1st Earl of Orford (PM 1721-42)

Spencer Compton, 1st Earl of Wilmington (PM 1742-43)

Henry Pelham (PM 1743-54) and Thomas Pelham-Holles, 1st Duke of Newcastle (PM 1754-56, 1757-62)

William Cavendish, 4th Duke of Devonshire (PM 1756-57)

John Stuart, 3rd Earl of Bute (PM 1762-63)

George Grenville (PM 1763-65)

Charles Watson-Wentworth, 2nd Marquess of Rockingham (PM 1765-66, 1782)

William Pitt, 1st Earl of Chatham (PM 1766-68)

Augustus Henry Fitzroy, 3rd Duke of Grafton (PM 1768-70)

Frederick North, 2nd Earl of Guilford (PM 1770-82)

William Petty, 2nd Earl of Shelburne (PM 1782-83)

William Henry Cavendish-Bentinck, 3rd Duke of Portland (PM 1783, 1807-09)

William Pitt “the Younger” (PM 1783-1801, 1804-06)

Henry Addington, 1st Viscount Sidmouth (PM 1801-04)

William Wyndham Grenville, 1st Baron Grenville (PM 1806-07)

Spencer Perceval (PM 1809-12)

Robert Banks Jenkinson, 2nd Earl of Liverpool (PM 1812-27)

George Canning (PM 1827)

Frederick John Robinson, 1st Viscount Goderich (PM 1827-28)

Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington (PM 1828-30)

Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey (PM 1830-34)

William Lamb, 2nd Viscount Melbourne (PM 1834, 1835-39, 1839-41)

Sir Robert Peel, 2nd Baronet (PM 1834-35, 1841-45, 1845-46)

John Russell, 1st Earl Russell (PM 1846-52, 1865-66)

Edward Geoffrey Smith-Stanley, 14th Earl of Derby (PM 1852, 1858-59, 1866-68)

George Hamilton-Gordon, 4th Earl of Aberdeen (PM 1852-55)

Henry John Temple, 3rd Viscount Palmerston (PM 1855-58, 1859-65)

Benjamin Disraeli, Earl of Beaconsfield (PM 1868, 1874-80)

William Ewart Gladstone (PM 1868-74, 1880-85, 1886, 1892-94)

Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil, 3rd Marquess of Salisbury (PM 1885, 1886-92, 1895-1902)

Archibald Philip Primrose, 5th Earl of Rosebery (PM 1894-95)

Arthur James Balfour, 1st Earl of Balfour (PM 1902-05)

Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman (PM 1905-08)

Herbert Henry Asquith, 1st Earl of Oxford and Asquith (PM 1908-16)

David Lloyd George, 1st Earl Lloyd-George of Dwyfor (PM 1916-22)

Andrew Bonar Law (PM 1922-23)

Stanley Baldwin, 1st Earl Baldwin of Bewdley (PM 1923, 1924-29, 1935-37)

James Ramsay MacDonald (PM 1924, 1929-35)

Arthur Neville Chamberlain (PM 1937-40)             

Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill (PM 1940-45, 1951-55)

Clement Richard Attlee, 1st Earl Attlee (PM 1945-51)

Sir Robert Anthony Eden, 1st Earl of Avon (PM 1955-57)

Maurice Harold Macmillan, 1st Earl of Stockton (PM 1957-63)

Alexander Frederick Douglas-Home, 14th Earl of Home (PM 1963-64)

James Harold Wilson, Baron Wilson of Rievaulx (PM 1964-70, 1974-76)

Sir Edward Richard George Heath (PM 1970-74)

Leonard James Callaghan, Baron Callaghan of Cardiff (PM 1976-79)

Margaret Hilda (Roberts) Thatcher, Baroness Thatcher of Kesteven (PM 1979-90)

Sir John Major (PM 1990-97)

Sir Anthony Charles Lynton Blair (PM 1997-2007)

James Gordon Brown (PM 2007-10)

David William Donald Cameron, Baron Cameron of Chipping Norton (PM 2010-16)

Theresa Mary (Brasier) May (PM 2016-19)

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson (PM 2019-2022)

Mary Elizabeth Truss (PM 2022)

Rishi Sunak (PM 2022- )