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1  William Petty, formerly FitzMaurice, 2nd Earl of Shelburne

   b 2 May 1737, Dublin

   d 7 May 1805, Westminster




2  John Petty, formerly FitzMaurice, 1st Earl of Shelburne

   b 1706

   d 14 May 1761, Bowood, Wiltshire

   m 16 Feb 1734/35, St Bride, Dublin

3  Mary FitzMaurice


   d 9 Dec 1780, Llewenny Hall, Denbighshire




4  Thomas FitzMaurice, 1st Earl of Kerry

   b 1668

   d 16 Mar 1742, Lixnaw

   m 14 Jan 1692/93, St Peter and St Kevin, Dublin

5  Anne Petty

   bap 17 Sep 1673, St Giles in the Fields

   d Nov 1737, Lixnaw

6  William FitzMaurice of Gallane, co. Kerry

   b ca 1671

   d ca 1711

   m 25 Nov 1701, St Peter and St Kevin, Dublin

7  Deborah Brooke

   bap 1 Mar 1673/74, St Martin, Coney Street, York

   d 17 Jul 1751, Springfield, co. Limerick




8  William FitzMaurice, 20th Lord of Kerry

   b 1633

   d Mar 1696/97

   m 16 Feb 1657/58, St Botolph, Aldersgate, London

9  Constance Long

   bap 5 Oct 1637, St Martin in the Fields, Middlesex

   d 12 Oct 1685

10 Sir William Petty

   b 26 May 1623, Romsey, Hampshire

   d 16 Dec 1687, Westminster

   m 2 Jun 1667

11 Elizabeth Waller, suo jure Baroness Shelburne

   b ca 1636

   d Feb 1708

12 William FitzMaurice [8]

13 Constance Long [9]

14 Sir John Brooke of York, 1st Baronet

   bap 9 Jun 1636, St Martin, Coney Street, York

   d 18 Nov 1691, bur St Martin, Coney Street, York

   m ca 1670

15 Mary Waller


   bur 12 Jun 1701, St Martin, Coney Street, York




16 Patrick FitzMaurice, 19th Lord of Kerry

   b 1595, Lixnaw

   bur 5 Jan 1660/61, St Giles in the Fields


17 Honora FitzGerald


   d ca 1681

18 William Long of the Rose Tavern, Covent Garden, vintner


   bur 5 Aug 1661, St Paul, Covent Garden

   m 21 Feb 1632/33, St Dunstan in the East, London

19 Mary Hargrave


   bur 29 Jan 1673/74, St Paul, Covent Garden

20 Anthony Petty of Romsey, clothier

   b 1 Mar 1587

   d Jul 1644, Romsey

   m 8 Jun 1618

21 Frances Denby


   d Oct 1663, Romsey

22 Sir Hardress Waller of Castletown, co. Limerick, major-general in Cromwell’s army

   b ca 1604

   d 1666, Mont Orgueil Castle, Jersey

   m 31 Mar 1629, St James, Clerkenwell

23 Elizabeth Dowdall



28 James Brooke of York and Ellenthorpe, Yorkshire, merchant

   bap 21 Aug 1593, All Saints, Pavement, York

   d 6 Dec 1675, Ellenthorpe

   m 12 Aug 1634, Thornton Watlass

29 Priscilla Jackson

   b ca 1612

   d 4 Apr 1692, bur Aldborough

30 Sir Hardress Waller [22]

31 Elizabeth Dowdall [23]





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