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1  Arthur Wesley, afterwards Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington

   b 29 Apr or 1 May 1769, Dublin

   d 14 Sep 1852, Walmer Castle, Kent




2  Garret Wesley, 1st Earl of Mornington

   bap 10 Aug 1735, St Andrew, Dublin

   d 22 May 1781, Kensington

   m 6 Feb 1759, St Mary, Dublin

3  Anne Hill

   bap 27 Jun 1742, St Mary, Dublin

   d 10 Sep 1831, Henrietta Street




4  Richard Colley, later Wesley, of Dangan Castle, co. Meath, Baron of Mornington

   b ca 1690, near Edenderry

   d 31 Jan 1758, Dublin

   m 23 Dec 1719, St Anne, Dublin

5  Elizabeth Sale


   bur 20 Jun 1738, St Andrew, Dublin

6  Arthur Hill, afterwards Hill-Trevor, 1st Viscount Dungannon

   b ca 1694

   d 30 Jan 1771, Dublin

   m 12 Jan 1737

7  Anne Stafford

   b 25 Dec 1715, Hillsborough, co. Down

   d 13 Jan 1799, Hampton Court




8  Henry Colley of Castle Carbery, co. Kildare, MP for co. Kildare

   b ca 1647, Dublin

   bur ca 1719, Carbery

   m Jul 1674

9  Mary Ussher



10 John Sale of Dublin, registrar of the diocese of Dublin and MP for Carysfort

   b ca 1675, Dublin

   d 7 Jul 1732


11 Ellinor Desminières



12 Michael Hill of Hillsborough

   b 7 Aug 1672

   d 1699, bur Hillsborough

   m 1690

13 Anne Trevor

   b ca 1669

   d 5 Jan 1747, Dublin

14 Edmond Francis Stafford of Brownstown, co. Meath, MP for Lisburn

   b 9 Oct 1693

   d 13 Jan 1724, Naples

   m 18 Nov 1714, Hillsborough

15 Penelope Leslie

   b 30 Nov 1694, Galgorm

   d 24 Oct 1718, Portglenone, co. Antrim




16 Capt. Dudley Colley of Castle Carbery


   bur Carbery


17 Anne Warren



18 Sir William Ussher of Dublin

   b ca 1610

   d 23 Apr 1671

   m 14 May 1645

19 Ursula St Barbe



20 Edmund Sale of Dublin, registrar of the diocese of Dublin


   d ca 1692

   m ca 4 Apr 1672

21 Ellen Harvey



22 Robert Desminières of Sligo, merchant

   b 16 Jul 1640

   d 1693, Sligo


23 Elizabeth


   d ca 1724

24 William Hill

   b ca 1641

   d Little Chelsea, Middlesex, bur 31 Oct 1693, Kensington, Middlesex


25 Eleanor Boyle



26 Sir John Trevor of Brynkinalt, Denbighshire, Master of the Rolls

   b ca 1637

   d 20 May 1717, London


27 Jane Mostyn

   b 1643

   d 1704

28 Edmond Stafford of Brownstown

   b ca 1661

   d Aug 1713, Portglenone

   m ca 24 Feb 1691/92

29 Anne Spurstow

   b ca 1659

   d ca 1730

30 Henry Leslie, Archdeacon of Down

   b 4 Nov 1651, Sheepland, co. Down

   d 3 Sep 1733

   m ca 26 Jul 1674

31 Margaret Beachan


   d 11 Apr 1717





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The exact date of the Duke of Wellington’s birth was debated even within his own lifetime. Of the various dates which have been suggested, 29 Apr and 1 May are the two for which reasonable evidence is known to exist. From what I have seen so far, I am more inclined to believe the earlier date, though 1 May was widely believed to be the Duke’s birthday during his lifetime.