Christopher Ingham of Badsworth and Ledsham is shown to have been born about 1704 by the age given on the bond for his marriage to Dorothy (Cooke) Hague in 1729.[1] Two plausible baptisms were located: at Hunsingore in 1704 (son of Peter Ingham of the Park) and at Allerton Mauleverer in 1705 (son of Thomas Ingham of Hopperton).


The will of Thomas Ingham of Hopperton, written in 1728, mentions his son Christopher Ingham. It also mentions Thomas’s daughter Anne Poulter.[2] The parties in the 1756 administration record for Thomas Poulter of Hopperton include his widow Ann and Christopher Ingham of Hopperton, with the latter also signing the inventory of Thomas Poulter’s estate.[3] It seems likely that this was Ann’s brother Christopher Ingham, who would therefore be a different man from Christopher Ingham of Ledsham who died in 1753.


A Christopher Ingham of the parish of Allerton married Mary Sunderland at Spofforth on 10 Sep 1728 and several children of Christopher Ingham of Hopperton were baptised at Allerton Mauleverer in the period 1729-47. This must have been a different Christopher Ingham from the one who lived at Ledsham. However, it is not certain that he was the son (baptised in 1705) of Thomas Ingham as there was also a Christopher, son of John Ingham of Hopperton, baptised in 1694. A Christopher Ingham married Mary Watson on 24 November 1721 at Knaresborough. The will of John Ingham of Hopperton, written in 1721, mentions his son “Crister Ingham”.[4]


Peter Ingham of the Park married Elizabeth Haist at York in 1698 and later lived at Kirk Hammerton. His will, written in 1720, leaves to his son Christopher Ingham “all that houses and land at Folly foot to enter upon when he Cometh at the age of twenty four yea[rs]”.[5] Together with a 1741 poll book, this corroborates the identification of this son Christopher as the one who married Dorothy (Cooke) Hague. The book lists Christopher Ingham, giving his abode as Badsworth, as being qualified to vote by possessing freehold property at “Foollyfoot”.[6]


Further support for the identification is in the 1753 probate record of Christopher Ingham of Ledsham. John Bealby was a witness and one of the parties in the grant of administration for Christopher’s estate was Richard Bealby of York, baker. John Bealby and Jane Ingham were married at Whixley in 1723 and they had a son Richard baptised at Acomb in 1732 who was apprenticed in 1745 to John Ayer of York, baker.[7] The will of Peter Ingham of Kirk Hammerton confirms that he had a daughter called Jane and that he had property in Green Hammerton which was in the parish of Whixley.[8]


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1          ROBERT INGHAM of North Deighton, Yorkshire, was buried on 9 October 1638 at Kirk Deighton.[9] He married ELIZABETH.[10]


Children of Robert and Elizabeth Ingham:

i               ROBERT INGHAM of Hopperton, bap 7 May 1626, Spofforth,[11] bur 20 May 1667, Allerton Mauleverer;[12] m ELLEN.[13]

ii              ELIZABETH INGHAM, bap 14 Sep 1628, Kirk Deighton.[14]

iii             MARY INGHAM, bap 22 Feb 1630/31, Kirk Deighton.[15]

iv             ANN INGHAM, bap 19 Dec 1633, Kirk Deighton.[16]

2              v              CHRISTOPHER INGHAM (1636-1690); m JANE SISSONS.


2          CHRISTOPHER INGHAM of Ribston, yeoman, was baptised on 10 November 1636 at Kirk Deighton[17] and buried on 23 October 1690 at Hunsingore.[18] He married ca 29 June 1663, JANE SISSON,[19] daughter of Richard and Joan (Dewes) Sisson (see here). Jane was baptised on 2 October 1634 at Allerton Mauleverer and buried on 7 October 1683 at Hunsingore.


Children of Christopher and Jane (Sisson) Ingham:[20]

3              i               PETER INGHAM (1664-1720/21); m ELIZABETH HAIST.

ii              JOHN INGHAM of Knaresborough, tanner, bap 12 Jan 1665/66, Kirk Deighton,[21] bur 19 Dec 1719, Knaresborough;[22] m 24 May 1696, Knaresborough, MARGARET BENSON.[23]

iii             MARY INGHAM, bap 30 Aug 1668, Hunsingore.[24]

iv             ANN INGHAM, bap 18 Oct 1675, Hunsingore.[25]

v              ELIZABETH INGHAM, b ca 1677;[26] m(1) 12 Oct 1697, Ribston, FRANCIS JOHNSON;[27] m(2) 17 Feb 1706/07, Long Marston, THOMAS HANSELL.[28]


3          PETER INGHAM of Ribston and Kirk Hammerton, yeoman, was baptised in 1664 at Allerton Mauleverer[29] and buried on 8 February 1720/21 at Kirk Hammerton.[30] He married on 12 September 1698 at Holy Trinity, Goodramgate, York, ELIZABETH HAIST,[31] daughter of George and Mary (Tailforth) Haist (see here). Elizabeth was baptised on 22 January 1672/73 at Barwick in Elmet and buried on 16 February 1746/47 at Kirk Hammerton.


Children of Peter and Elizabeth (Haist) Ingham:

i               JANE INGHAM, bap 16 Jan 1701/02, Hunsingore,[32] bur 7 Jan 1767, Acomb;[33] m 1 May 1723, Whixley, JOHN BEALBY.[34]

4              ii              CHRISTOPHER INGHAM (1704-1753); m DOROTHY (COOKE) HAGUE.

iii             MARY INGHAM, b 8 May 1707, Kirk Hammerton,[35] bur 22 Dec 1747, Moor Monkton;[36] m 21 Aug 1728, Moor Monkton, RICHARD DEIGHTON.[37]

iv             ELIZABETH INGHAM, bap 19 Sep 1712, Kirk Hammerton;[38] m 20 Nov 1738, Marton cum Grafton, EDWARD SPINK.[39]

v              PETER INGHAM, bap 5 Mar 1715/16, Kirk Hammerton.[40]


4          CHRISTOPHER INGHAM of Badsworth and Ledsham, butcher and farmer, was baptised on 11 October 1704 at Hunsingore[41] and buried on 5 September 1753 at Ledsham.[42] He married on 8 July 1729 at Campsall, DOROTHY (COOKE) HAGUE,[43] widow of Matthew Hague and daughter of William and Mary (Wells) Cooke (see here). Dorothy was born ca 1698 and buried on 7 June 1753 at Ledsham.


Children of Christopher and Dorothy (Cooke) (Hague) Ingham:[44]

i               MARY INGHAM, bap 24 May 1730, Wragby,[45] bur 30 Jun 1791, Aberford;[46] m 12 Feb 1753, Ledsham, GEORGE GIBSON.[47]

ii              CHRISTOPHER INGHAM of Ledsham and Methley, farmer, bap 20 Nov 1732, Badsworth,[48] bur 29 Jul 1805, Ledsham;[49] m(1) 24 Apr 1755, Methley, Yorkshire, SARAH LEAKE;[50] m(2) 23 Aug 1770, Methley, ELIZABETH (LEAKE) CROSFIELD.[51]

iii             DOROTHY INGHAM, bap 30 Aug 1736, Badsworth,[52] bur 5 Nov 1770, Aberford;[53] m 5 Sep 1757, Sherburn in Elmet, Yorkshire, JOHN STANDBANK[54] (see here).

iv             ELIZABETH INGHAM, bap 18 Jun 1739, Badsworth,[55] bur 4 Oct 1753, Ledsham.[56]

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