The marriage of Christopher Ingham and Dorothy Hague took place on 8 July 1729 at Campsall.[1] The parish register entry describes Dorothy as being of the parish of Arksey and the marriage bond states that she was a widow aged thirty, so she would have been born about 1698 or 1699.[2]


Matthew Hague of Bentley in the parish of Arksey, butcher, was buried at Arksey on 17 May 1727.[3] Christopher Ingham was also a butcher.[4] The Arksey bishop’s transcripts show the baptism of Mary, daughter of Matthew Hague of Bentley, butcher, lately deceased, on 25 July 1727, and the burial of Mary, daughter of Dorothy Hague of Bentley, widow, on 28 May 1729.


The will of Matthew Hague of Bentley was dated 13 May 1727. It names, among others, his wife Dorothy, and mentions that she was with child. Administration was granted in June 1727 to Dorothy Hague of Bentley, the widow, the other party being Mary Crosby of Fenwick, widow.[5]


A search for the marriage of Matthew Hague and Dorothy reveals that Mathew Haigh of Doncaster and Dorithy Cook of Whitgift were married at Whitgift in September 1726.[6]


It appears that the wife of Matthew Hague of Bentley was a daughter of William and Mary (Wells) Cooke of Doncaster.


As noted above, Mary Crosby of Fenwick, widow, was mentioned in the administration records of Matthew Hague, along with Matthew’s widow Dorothy. The will of Thomas Crosby of Bentley, written in 1700, mentions his wife Mary and “her Children by William Cooke her former Decd” [sic] and later names the children as John, Sarah, Mary, Ann and Dorothy Cooke.[7] From this, it seems that Mary Crosby was the mother of Dorothy (Cooke) Hague.


The will of Dorothy Wells of Doncaster, written in 1699, names her grandchildren Sara Cooke, Mary Cooke, John Cooke, Anne Cooke and Dorothy Cooke, along with her daughter Mary, wife of Thomas Crosby.[8]


William Cooke, husband of Mary Wells, may be the William, son of Thomas Cooke, who was baptised on 9 October 1656 at Doncaster.


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WILLIAM COOKE of Doncaster, Yorkshire, butcher, was buried on 16 July 1698 at Doncaster.[9] He married on 5 August 1679 at Doncaster, MARY WELLS,[10] daughter of Robert and Dorothy (Wood) Wells (see here). Mary was baptised on 13 February 1660/61 at Doncaster and buried on 2 June 1729 at Arksey. She married second, on 22 December 1698 at Doncaster, Thomas Crosby.


Children of William and Mary (Wells) Cooke:[11]

                i               ROBERT COOKE, bap 9 May 1680, Doncaster,[12] bur 29 Jan 1681/82, Doncaster.[13]

                ii             SARAH COOKE, bap 30 Apr 1682, Doncaster.[14]

                iii            MARY COOKE, bap 20 Feb 1683/84, Doncaster.[15]

                iv            JOHN COOKE,[16] bap 20 Apr 1686, Doncaster.[17]

                v              ANN COOKE,[18] bap 23 Oct 1688, Doncaster.[19]

                vi             WILLIAM COOKE, bap 24 Aug 1691, Doncaster,[20] bur 11 Mar 1691/92, Doncaster.[21]

                vii            FRANCES COOKE, bap 17 Apr 1693, Doncaster.[22]

                viii          DOROTHY COOKE, b ca 1698,[23] bur 7 Jun 1753, Ledsham;[24] m(1) 24 Sep 1726, Whitgift, MATTHEW HAGUE;[25] m(2) 8 Jul 1729, Campsall, CHRISTOPHER INGHAM[26] (see here).

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