The only entry for the name Standbank, Stanbank, or variants in the Aberford parish registers before the marriage of William and Mary (Sampson) Standbank in 1724 is for the marriage of "John Stonbanke" and "Ellinore Clugh" on 28 Mar 1698. There is no other trace of this couple in the Aberford parish registers. However, at Edwinstowe, Nottinghamshire, a William, son of John Stanbank, was baptised on 14 Jan 1698/99, followed by other children of a John Stanbank in 1700, 1703 and 1712 (other siblings may have been baptised between 1703 and 1712, but parentage is not given in the baptism entries during that period). No earlier siblings are recorded, nor is there any record of John's marriage in the Edwinstowe parish registers. It therefore seems plausible that John was the man who married Eleanor Clough at Aberford in 1698. There was also a burial of an "Eling" Stanbank at Edwinstowe on 20 Oct 1721, which could be Eleanor (Clough) Standbank.


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1  WILLIAM STANDBANK of Aberford, butcher, married on 23 July 1724 at Aberford, MARY SAMPSON.[1] Mary was buried on 27 May 1757 at Aberford.[2]


      Children of William and Mary (Sampson) Standbank:[3]

            i     WILLIAM STANDBANK, bap 9 Jun 1725, Barwick in Elmet; m 14 Jan 1745/46, St. Peter, Leeds, ANN CLARK.[4]

            ii    MATTHIAS STANDBANK of Spofforth, bap 6 Nov 1726, Aberford; m 10 Jan 1754, Spofforth, ELIZABETH KITCHING.[5]

            iii   JOHN STANDBANK, bap 14 Nov 1728, Aberford, bur there 9 Mar 1728/29.[6]

            iv   THOMAS STANDBANK, bap 30 May 1730, Aberford; m SARAH.[7]

            v    GEORGE STANDBANK, bap 19 Jan 1731/32, Aberford, bur there 8 Feb 1731/32.[8]

            vi   MARY STANDBANK, bap 5 Jan 1732/33, Aberford.

      2   vii JOHN STANDBANK (1735-1817); m(1) DOROTHY INGHAM; m(2) ANN MARSH.


2  JOHN STANDBANK of Sherburn in Elmet and Wingate Hill, Tadcaster,[9] Yorkshire, butcher and farmer, was baptised on 17 March 1734/35 at Aberford[10] and buried on 13 April 1817 at Tadcaster.[11] He married firstly, on 5 September 1757 at Sherburn in Elmet, DOROTHY INGHAM,[12] daughter of Christopher and Dorothy (Cooke) (Hague) Ingham (see here). Dorothy was baptised on 30 August 1736 at Badsworth, Yorkshire and buried on 5 Nov 1770 at Aberford. John Standbank married secondly, on 30 December 1772 at Sherburn in Elmet, ANN MARSH.[13]


      Children of John and Dorothy (Ingham) Standbank:[14]

            i     JOHN STANDBANK, bap 26 Jun 1758, Aberford.

            ii    DOROTHY STANDBANK, bap 28 Sep 1760, Aberford.

            iii   MARY STANDBANK, bap 17 Oct 1762, Aberford.

            iv   SARAH STANDBANK, bap 23 Jul 1767, Aberford; m 18 Jul 1785, Saxton in Elmet, Yorkshire, JAMES STEAD[15] of Towton, Saxton in Elmet, labourer.

            v    ELLEN STANDBANK, bap 6 Aug 1769, Aberford, bur 5 Dec 1829, Spofforth;[16] m 31 Jan 1788, Thorner, Yorkshire, JAMES LAWRENCE[17] (see here).


      Children of John and Ann (Marsh) Standbank:[18]

            vi   RICHARD STANDBANK, bap 30 Dec 1772, Sherburn in Elmet.

            vii MATTHEW STANDBANK, bap 25 Sep 1774, Aberford.

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