A monumental inscription at Llansantffraed-yn-Elfael, Radnorshire, commemorates James Davies, “late of Pennar in the Parish of Crickgrina” who died on 23 January 1822 in the 85th year of his age, and Elizabeth, relict of the aforesaid James Davies, who died 3 February 1837 in her 90th year. A deed of 1842 in the Clyro Court papers mentions the occupiers of Pennar, Cregrina as “formerly James Morris, afterwards James Davies, now of Thomas Sheen”.[1] Land tax assessments show that Thomas Sheen was the occupier as early as 1812, as far back as the assessments reach. Elizabeth Price who married James Davies in 1759 (and who was the mother of Thomas Davies as shown in the account below) was the widow of James Morris, and was also connected to the Sheen family through her son Thomas, which suggests that the James Davies who died in 1822 could be the man who married Elizabeth in 1759 at Cregrina. Indeed, John Price, the father of Elizabeth (Price) (Griffiths) (Morris) Davies, is stated to be “of Pennar” in his will written in 1755.


However, it seems somewhat unlikely that the James Davies who died in 1822 aged eighty-four (and who was therefore born about 1737) would have married in 1759 a woman who had already been widowed by 1747. Furthermore, the probate records for James Davies of Llansantffraed appear to rule out the possibility that he was the father of Thomas Davies. The will of James Davies of Llansantffraed, publican, dated 25 April 1818 (within the lifetime of Thomas Davies), mentions Elizabeth Davies his “present wife”, and his daughter Anne Morgan, wife of David Morgan, but no other children. The will was not proved until 1853, when David Morgan, then the widower of Ann Morgan, was granted administration of the estate of James Davies. It was stated that “Elizabeth Davies some time since departed this life without proving the same leaving Anne Morgan the wife of David Morgan of the Parish of Llanddewy Ystradenni in the same County the only child and next of kin of the said James Davies”.


The burial on 26 January 1822 of James Davies of the Star Inn, aged eighty-four, is recorded in the Llansantffraed-yn-Elfael parish registers, and the bishop’s transcripts for that parish record the marriage, on 9 March 1799, of James Davies of Glascwm to Elizabeth Stubbs of Llansantffraed. The probate documents written in 1853 state that James Davies died “on or about 25th May 1818”, one month after the date of the will, but it seems clear that the testator was the man buried in January 1822. The testator was a publican and the burial register gives the residence of James Davies in 1822 as “Star Inn”. Furthermore, a gravestone with a monumental inscription to Anne (d 1837), wife of David Morgan, is adjacent to the stone for James Davies (d 1822) and Elizabeth (d 1837) in Llansantffraed-yn-Elfael churchyard.


Although the James Davies married in 1759 and the James Davies who died in 1822 seem to be different individuals, the evidence discussed above suggests that there was a close connection. It is possible that James (d 1822) was a son of the James who married in 1759 but by a previous marriage which has not yet been identified.


A possible clue to the origin of this family is that the will of John Prees of Cregrina, written in 1699, mentions “James Davies my nephew & sister sone”. This seems too early to be the James Davies who married in 1759 but could perhaps be an earlier member of the family.


Genetic testing indicates that my Y-DNA haplogroup is R-M269. More specifically, there is a probability of 90% that it is R-S1911.[2]


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1      JAMES DAVIES of Cregrina, Radnorshire, yeoman, married on 17 May 1759 at Cregrina, ELIZABETH (PRICE) (GRIFFITHS) MORRIS,[3] widow of              Griffiths and of James Morris, and daughter of John and Margaret Price (see here).


          Children of James and Elizabeth (Price) (Griffiths) (Morris) Davies:

                    i        MARGARET DAVIES, bap 29 Jun 1760, Cregrina,[4] bur 18 Apr 1761, Cregrina.[5]

          2        ii       THOMAS DAVIES (1762-1819); m(1) ELIZABETH SHEEN; m(2) ALICE BEAVAN.[6]


2      THOMAS DAVIES of Box, Glascwm, yeoman, was baptised on 5 September 1762 at Cregrina,[7] died on 27 July 1819[8] and was buried on 1 August 1819 at Cregrina.[9] He married first, on 15 November 1788 at Glascwm, ELIZABETH SHEEN,[10] daughter of Dantsey and Elizabeth (Green) Sheen. Elizabeth was baptised on 15 November 1766 at Glascwm,[11] died on 13 June 1801 and was buried on 15 June 1801 at Cregrina.[12] Thomas married second, on 10 April 1802 at Colva, ALICE BEAVAN,[13] daughter of John and Elizabeth (Williams) Beavan (see here). Alice was born ca 1777 at Colva and died on 29 August 1853 at Llowes.


          Children of Thomas and Elizabeth (Sheen) Davies:[14]

                      i        ANN DAVIES, b Glascwm, bap 10 Oct 1789, Glascwm;[15] m 20 Dec 1814, Glascwm, SEPTIMUS LLOYD.[16]

                      ii       THOMAS DAVIES of Llanbedr Painscastle, farmer, b ca 1793, Glascwm,[17] bur 29 Jun 1864, Cregrina.[18]

                      iii     JAMES DAVIES.


          Children of Thomas and Alice (Beavan) Davies:[19]

                    iv      SUSAN DAVIES, bap 29 Aug 1803, Glascwm,[20] bur 12 Jan 1851, Glascwm;[21] m(1) 14 Feb 1823, Glascwm, WILLIAM JONES;[22] m(2) 5 Jan 1839, Glascwm, JOHN HARLEY.[23]

          3        v       JOHN DAVIES (1805-1874); m ANN LLOYD.

                    vi      JANE DAVIES, b Glascwm, bap 2 Dec 1814, Glascwm,[24] d 13 May 1865, Old Radnor.[25]


3      JOHN DAVIES of New Buildings, Llandeilo Graban, and of Lower Gogia, Llowes, farmer, was born at Glascwm[26] and baptised on 26 June 1805 at Glascwm.[27] He died on 13 December 1874 at Clyro.[28] He married on 1 August 1833 at Michaelchurch-on-Arrow, ANN LLOYD,[29] daughter of Hugh and Ann (Dakins) Lloyd (see here). Ann was born ca 1812 at Glascwm and died on 28 February 1886 at Brilley.


          Children of John and Ann (Lloyd) Davies:

                    i         JOHN DAVIES of Old Radnor and Eardisland, farmer, b ca 1833, Michaelchurch-on-Arrow,[30] d 25 Feb 1916, Eardisland;[31] m 31 Mar 1863, Brilley, ELEANOR DAVIES.[32]

                    ii        THOMAS DAVIES, carter, b ca 1836, Glascwm.[33]

                    iii       ANN SARAH DAVIES, b Glascwm,[34] bap 13 Feb 1839, Glascwm,[35] d 10 Jan 1918, Llanddewi Fach;[36] m 29 Jul 1864, Bryngwyn, JOHN EVANS.[37]

                     iv      WILLIAM DAVIES of Newchurch, innkeeper, b Llandeilo Graban,[38] bap 7 Dec 1841, Llandeilo Graban,[39] d 30 Sep 1882, Bryngwyn.[40]

          4        v       HUGH LLOYD DAVIES (1844-1931); m SARAH BOWEN.

                     vi      JAMES DAVIES of Titley, farmer, b Llandeilo Graban,[41] bap 30 Oct 1846, Llandeilo Graban,[42] d 13 Feb 1928, Titley;[43] m 12 May 1883, Bryngwyn, SARAH GRIFFITHS.[44]

                    vii     EDWARD DAVIES of Abertillery, Monmouthshire, coal miner,[45] b Llowes,[46] bap 22 Jul 1849, Llowes,[47] d 6 Dec 1917, Abertillery.[48]

                    viii    MARY DAVIES, dressmaker, b Colva,[49] bap 29 May 1852, Colva.[50]

                    ix      SARAH ANN DAVIES, b 26 Dec 1854, Colva,[51] d 8 May 1865, Newchurch.[52]


4      HUGH LLOYD DAVIES of Titley and of Park Cottage, Lyonshall, Herefordshire, farmer, was born on 25 April 1844 at Llandeilo Graban[53] and died on 9 March 1931 at Lyonshall.[54] He married on 13 February 1873 at Hermon Chapel, Bryngwyn, SARAH BOWEN,[55] daughter of Rees and Margaret (Ingram) Bowen (see here). Sarah was born on 29 December 1844 at Llanyre, and died on 11 August 1925 at Lyonshall.


         Illegitimate child of Hugh Lloyd Davies and Margaret Price:[56]

                      i         ALICE PRICE, b 5 Oct 1869, Staunton-on-Arrow,[57] d 15 Feb 1959, Hay;[58] m(1) 31 Dec 1888, Llanbedr Painscastle, WILLIAM BRYAN;[59] m(2) 1 Oct 1938, Hay, JOHN SHEEN WILLIAMS.[60]


         Children of Hugh Lloyd and Sarah (Bowen) Davies:

                      ii        THOMAS DAVIES[61] of Pontypridd, Glamorgan and Bringsty, Herefordshire, ostler and farm waggoner, b 19 Oct 1873, Clyro,[62] d 26 Feb 1929, Worcester;[63] m 10 Oct 1910, St. Ethelbert's Catholic Church, Leominster, RACHEL HARRISON[64] (see here).

                      iii       WILLIAM LLOYD DAVIES of Titley, gardener, b 7 Jan 1876, Newchurch,[65] d 23 Oct 1965, Old Radnor;[66] m 28 Feb 1906, Titley, MARY JANE MILES.[67]

                      iv      LIZZIE AGNES DAVIES, b 6 Jul 1878, Huntington, Herefordshire,[68] d 1 Dec 1962, Llanarth, Monmouthshire;[69] m 20 Jun 1905, Talgarth, Breconshire, DAVID ROBERTS.[70]

                      v       SARAH ANN DAVIES, b 6 Jul 1878, Huntington,[71] d 10 Mar 1946, Cusop;[72] m 8 Jun 1904, Kington, DAVID PARRY.[73]

                      vi      HUGH LLOYD DAVIES of Whitland, kennelman, b 7 Aug 1880, Huntington,[74] d 17 Sep 1947, Whitland;[75] m 23 Jul 1904, Newcastle Emlyn, ELIZABETH EVANS.[76]

                      vii     JAMES DAVIES of Lyonshall, gamekeeper, b 28 Jun 1882, Kington,[77] d 1 Jul 1925;[78] m 23 Mar 1914, Denchworth, Berkshire, MARY BELCHER.[79]

                      viii    KATE DAVIES of Malvern, Worcestershire and of Hay, cook, b ca 1885, Stanner, Radnorshire,[80] d 10 Feb 1966, Hay.[81]

                      ix      MARY ALICE DAVIES, b 13 May 1887, Titley,[82] d 4 Apr 1962;[83] m 1 Oct 1919, Lyonshall, THOMAS JAMES BOWEN.[84]

                      x       MINNIE DAVIES, b 4 Mar 1891, Titley,[85] d 20 Jun 1975, Bronllys, Powys;[86] m 10 Sep 1928, Lyonshall, LEWIS EDWARD BARTHOLOMEW.[87]

                      xi                   DAVIES.[88]

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[17] The 1861 census returns, Llanbedr Painscastle (National Archives, RG 9/4224, fol. 107), give Thomas’s age as 60, birthplace as Glascomb and occupation as retired farmer. The 1841 census returns for Llandeilo Graban (National Archives, HO 107/1456/8, fol. 3) show a Thomas Davies, aged 45 (that is, between 45 and 49), living in the same house as John and Ann (Lloyd) Davies and their family. Thomas’s monumental inscription at Cregrina appeared to give his age at death as 71. Thomas was the father of William Davies, born ca 1825 at Glascwm (1861 census returns, Llanbedr Painscastle, National Archives, RG 9/4224, fol. 107), but the identity of William’s mother is uncertain and both the 1851 and 1861 census returns show Thomas to be unmarried (rather than a widower). A marriage bond for Thomas Davies of Glascwm to marry Ann Watkins was made in 1812. The 1851 census returns for Llanbedr Painscastle (National Archives, HO 107/2491, fol. 171) suggest that Thomas was born at Letton in Herefordshire.

[18] Cregrina parish registers; monumental inscription at Cregrina, on the same stone as that of his father, and which confirms his connection with White Hall, Painscastle. The exact date of death was difficult to read, but may have been 26 Jun 1864. The mention of Thomas Davies and White Hall on the same stone as Thomas Davies of Box on the monumental inscription at Cregrina is the basis for identifying Thomas of White Hall with the son of that name of Thomas of Box, although no explicit statement of the relationship could be deciphered on the stone.

[19] Two John Davieses are recorded in the Glascwm bishop’s transcripts as being baptised in 1805: John son of John and Joanna Davies on 28 Feb, and John son of Thomas and Alice Davies on 26 Jun. That the John baptised on 26 Jun was the one who married Ann Lloyd is supported by the fact that Alice (Beavan) Davies was living with John and Ann (Lloyd) Davies at Gogia at the time of the 1851 census returns (she was described as a visitor) and died at Gogia in 1853. Moreover, Derek Vincent Davies, a descendant of John and Ann (Lloyd) Davies, has DNA matches of 25, 14, 11 and 9 cM with descendants of various siblings of Alice (Beavan) Davies. The John Davies baptised on 28 Feb 1805, whose father was a carpenter, may have been the John who later lived at Tump House, Glascwm, was an agricultural labourer, and married Anne Davies on 18 Nov 1826 at Glascwm (1841 census returns, Glascwm, National Archives, HO 107/1453/7, fol. 7; Glascwm parish registers). The entry in the death duty registers for Thomas Davies (National Archives, IR 26/817, fols. 430-31) shows that Thomas’s widow Alice moved after his death to Willersley, Herefordshire. At the time of his marriage to Ann Lloyd in 1833, John Davies was said to be of Eardisley, a parish adjacent to Willersley. The death duty registers also confirm that Thomas’s son Thomas moved to “Lambed”, Radnorshire.

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