The census returns indicate that Rees Bowen, father of Sarah (Bowen) Davies, was born at Llanfaredd or at Nantmel, Radnorshire, but no baptism for him could be found in the registers of those parishes.


An important clue to Rees’s ancestry was found in the 1871 census returns for Llandrindod. Living in the household of Thomas Bowen, a son of Rees and Margaret (Ingram) Bowen, was a Jane Bowen, 15, born at Nantmel, who was described as a “cousin” of Thomas. A search of the Nantmel parish registers revealed the baptism, on 12 Dec 1863, of three children of William and Elizabeth Bowen of Tanyralt, including Jane whose date of birth was given as 13 Nov 1855. No other Jane Bowen baptisms were found at Nantmel in the period 1850-65 and a search of the 1861 census returns showed only the same Jane Bowen who could be the cousin of Thomas. The census returns showed that Jane’s father William Bowen was born about 1815 at Nantmel but no baptism record for him could be traced. However, the entry for his marriage in the Nantmel parish registers identified his father as Thomas Bowen, a farmer. William’s residence at Tanyralt or Danyrallt (several other variant spellings are recorded) confirms that his father was the Thomas Bowen of Danyrallt who died in 1848 and whose death was registered by his son William Bowen of Danyrallt.


An investigation of the family of Thomas Bowen of Danyrallt showed that he had been married to a woman named Margaret. No marriage for them was in the Nantmel parish registers, and a search of the Radnorshire, Breconshire and Montgomeryshire marriage indexes for the period 1754-1812 revealed just one marriage of a Thomas Bowen to a Margaret, that of Thomas Bowen and Margaret Preece at Llanfaredd in 1799. The baptisms of several other children of Thomas and Margaret, previous to those baptised at Nantmel, were recorded in the Llanfaredd parish registers. If the “cousin” Jane Bowen in the 1871 census returns was a first cousin, then Rees would have also been a son of Thomas and Margaret. This identification is supported by other evidence, including the statements in the 1861 and 1871 census returns that Rees was born at Llanfaredd (the only Bowen baptisms in the Llanfaredd parish registers and bishops’ transcripts between 1797 and 1820 are of children of Thomas Bowen), and onomastic evidence (Rees’s children included a Margaret and a Thomas as well as others with names also appearing among the children of Thomas and Margaret). Finally, a Thomas Bowen was a witness at the marriage of Rees and Margaret (Ingram) Bowen.


The earliest residence known for Thomas Bowen is “Llansaintfread”, given in the 1799 Llanfaredd parish register entry for his first marriage. This most likely referred to the neighbouring parish of Llansantffraed-yn-Elfael. The parentage of Thomas is uncertain but the burials in the Llansantffraed-yn-Elfael parish registers include Thomas Bowen of the Bwlch in 1795 and Ann Bowen in 1803. Thomas Bowen and Anne Bowens were married at Llanfaredd in 1759 (their surnames are written in the entry as Bowens but he signed as Thomas Bowen – she made her mark). These would make plausible parents for the Thomas married at Llanfaredd in 1799.


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1      THOMAS BOWEN of Gellunnen, Llanfaredd, Radnorshire, and of Danyrallt, Nantmel, farmer, was born ca 1765[1] and died on 12 May 1848 at Nantmel.[2] He married first, on 25 August 1799 at Llanfaredd, MARGARET PRICE,[3] daughter of John Price (see here). Margaret was baptised on 25 November 1778 at Llanfaredd and buried on 20 June 1827 at Nantmel. Thomas married second, on 4 December 1829 at Nantmel, MARY MORGAN. Mary was born ca 1759 and died on 5 December 1845 at Nantmel.[4]


Children of Thomas and Margaret (Price) Bowen:[5]

                  i          JOSEPH BOWEN of New Radnor, carpenter, b Llanfaredd, bap 8 Nov 1799, Llanfaredd,[6] bur 31 Mar 1865, New Radnor;[7] m(1) 12 Mar 1824, Nantmel, MARY LEWIS;[8] m(2) 25 Oct 1836, Old Radnor, ELIZABETH WATKINS.[9]

         ii          THOMAS BOWEN of Llanfihangel Nant Melan, farmer, b Llanfaredd, bap 27 Apr 1802, Llanfaredd,[10] d 14 Jan 1871, Llanfihangel Nant Melan;[11] m 31 Jul 1828, Discoed, ANN GUMMER.[12]

2       iii         REES BOWEN (ca 1804-1888); m MARGARET INGRAM.

         iv         ANNE BOWEN, bap 16 Feb 1807, Llanfaredd.[13]

                  v         HANNAH BOWEN, bap 17 May 1809, Llanfaredd;[14] m 11 May 1832, Nantmel, WILLIAM LEWIS.[15]

                  vi        ANNE BOWEN, bap 27 Feb 1812, Nantmel.[16]

                  vii       WILLIAM BOWEN of Danyrallt, farmer and grocer, b ca 1815, Nantmel,[17] d 17 Jan 1897;[18] m 25 Mar 1843, Nantmel, ELIZABETH PHILLIPS.[19]

         viii       MARY BOWEN, bap 13 Jan 1818, Nantmel,[20] bur 29 Oct 1822, Nantmel.[21]

         ix         DANIEL BOWEN of Walton and Womaston, carter, b Nantmel, bap 9 May 1822, Nantmel;[22] m 14 Dec 1847, Nantmel, SARAH WILLIAMS.[23]


2      REES BOWEN of Cae Bean, Llanyre, agricultural labourer and farmer, was born ca 1804 at Llanfaredd[24] and died on 7 June 1888 at Llandrindod.[25] He married on 12 May 1828 at Llanfihangel Helygen, MARGARET INGRAM,[26] daughter of Richard Ingram (see here). Margaret was born ca 1806 at Llansantffraed Cwmdeuddwr or at Nantmel, and died on 17 February 1878 at Llanganten, Breconshire.


          Children of Rees and Margaret (Ingram) Bowen:[27]

                 i              RICHARD BOWEN, coal miner, bap 8 Nov 1829, Llanfihangel Helygen,[28] living in 1851.[29]

                 ii            MARY BOWEN, b 29 Jan 1832, bap 19 Feb 1832, Llanidloes Wesleyan circuit;[30] m 4 Jun 1854, All Hallows, London Wall, ANGUS MACKAY.[31]

                 iii          JOHN BOWEN of Aymestrey, labourer, b 8 Sep 1833, Llanyre;[32] m 20 Feb 1860, Aymestrey, ELIZABETH VAUGHAN.[33]

                 iv           MARGARET BOWEN, bap 22 Mar 1835, Llanidloes Wesleyan circuit,[34] bur 5 May 1844, Llanyre.[35]

                 v          THEOPHILUS BOWEN, alias JAMES BOWEN,[36] of Llangynidr, Breconshire, coal miner, b Llanyre, bap 12 Jun 1836, Llanidloes Wesleyan circuit,[37] d 11 Feb 1917, Rassau;[38] m(1) 10 Nov 1863, Plough Chapel, Brecon, ANN WILLIAMS;[39] m(2) 10 Jan 1885, Bedwellty, MARGARET (SAMUEL) THOMAS.[40]

                 vi           ELIZABETH BOWEN, bap 26 Nov 1837, Rhayader Wesleyan circuit, bur 14 May 1844, Llanyre.[41]

                 vii          THOMAS BOWEN of Llandrindod, railway repairer,[42] b Llanyre,[43] bap 16 Jul 1839, Rhayader Wesleyan circuit, d ca 1886;[44] m 12 Dec 1865, Llandrindod, ANNE PUGH.[45]

                  viii         DAVID BOWEN, b Llanyre,[46] bap 23 Feb 1841, Rhayader Wesleyan circuit.

                 ix          DANIEL BOWEN of Llandrindod, carter,[47] b 5 Oct 1842, Llanyre,[48] bur 12 Nov 1864, Llanyre.[49]

                 x           SARAH BOWEN, b 29 Dec 1844, Llanyre,[50] d 11 Aug 1925, Lyonshall, Herefordshire;[51] m 13 Feb 1873, Hermon Chapel, Bryngwyn, HUGH LLOYD DAVIES[52] (see here).

                 xi          WILLIAM BOWEN of Llansantffraed-yn-Elfael, farmer,[53] b ca 1847, Llanyre,[54] d 13 Dec 1916;[55] m MARY.[56]

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[5] Llanfaredd parish registers and bishops’ transcripts; Nantmel parish registers; see the discussion above regarding the parentage of Rees and William. The Llanfaredd parish registers include a baptism of a child of Thomas Bowen of Gellunnen on 29 Jul 1804 but the name is left blank and there is no indication whether the child was male or female. There is no entry under this date in the bishops’ transcripts but on 29 Jun 1804, “Jn.”, son of Thomas and Margaret Bowen was baptised. This seems to have been around the most likely time for Rees’s birth and it is possible that there was some confusion about the name of the child if the entry in the bishops’ transcripts was written a long time after the baptism took place.

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