The paternity given here for Margaret Ingram is based on the 1851 census returns for Bedwellty, Monmouthshire, where a Richard Bowen, aged 20, born in Radnorshire, is recorded as a nephew of a John Ingram, 46, also born in Radnorshire. This Richard would appear to be the son of Rees and Margaret (Ingram) Bowen. The Bedwellty parish registers give Johnís father as Richard Ingram, farmer, in an 1838 marriage entry. Another possible clue to the parentage of Margaret Ingram is the presence of a ten-year-old female servant, Ann Ingram, in the household of Rees and Margaret (Ingram) Bowen in the 1841 census returns. She could be the Ann, illegitimate daughter of Sarah Ingram, who was baptised at Llandegley on 18 April 1831. The 1871 census returns for Cwmllewelyn, Llanganten show an unmarried Sarah Ingram, 73, born at Llandinam, Montgomeryshire, living with Rees and Margaret (Ingram) Bowen. This Sarah died at Cwmllewelyn on 25 May 1877 but the death was registered by a Mary Davies of Cefn y Bedd, Llanganten, and no document has yet been found which states any relationship between Sarah and Margaret (Ingram) Bowen. This Sarah Ingram may have been the one of that who name who in 1841 was living with David Ingram of Tynllidiart, Llansantffraed Cwmdeuddwr, a farmer. David was born about 1793 at Llansantffraed Cwmdeuddwr or Llandinam, died on 17 March 1880 at Llansantffraed Cwmdeuddwr, and married Elizabeth Pugh in 1827 at Llangurig.


Another likely member of the family is Richard Ingram of Shoreditch, born about 1802 in Radnorshire (at Rhayader according to the 1861 census returns).[1] A visitor in his household at the time of the 1851 census returns was Mary Ann Bowen, aged nineteen, born in Radnorshire,[2] apparently the Mary Bowen who was a daughter of Rees and Margaret (Ingram) Bowen.


There were multiple Richard Ingrams in the area. The Nantmel parish registers include the baptism of Richard (1792), John (1798), Jane (1800) and Ann (1803), children of Richard Ingram. The motherís name is given as Elinor in the entries for Richard and Ann. Richard, the father, was probably the one of that name who died at Bettws Disserth in 1843 when he was said to be aged seventy-four.


The 1851 census returns for Glascwm include a Richard Ingram, 84, born at Nantmel, and his son Thomas Ingram, 53, born at Llandegley. This Richard Ingram married Lucy Duggan at Llanfihangel Nant Melan in 1787.


A John, son of Richard Ingram, was baptised at Trefeglwys in 1803.


The parish registers of Llansantffraed Cwmdeuddwr show the marriage of Richard Ingram of that parish and Mary Davies of Llangurig, Montgomeryshire, on 15 July 1788. One of the witnesses was a John Lawrence, which points towards the Richard in question being the Richard Ingram whose sister Martha married John Lawrence at Llansantffraed Cwmdeuddwr in 1783. The will of David Ingram of Llansantffraed Cwmdeuddwr, written in 1806, names his son Richard Ingram and his son-in-law John Lawrence.[3] This is of particular relevance as Derek Vincent Davies, a great-great-grandson of Margaret (Ingram) Bowen, has a 12 cM DNA match with a sixth-generation descendant of John and Martha (Ingram) Lawrence.[4] It is not certain that the DNA link is through the Ingrams, but there is no other apparent route for it in this case. This suggests that Richard Ingram who married Mary Davies and who was a son of David Ingram was the Richard Ingram whose daughter Margaret married Rees Bowen. It may be noted that the name David was given to a son of Rees and Margaret (Ingram) Bowen.


It seems probable that the Richard Ingram married to Ann Evans was the son of David and Ann (Kenderdine) Ingram of Llanidloes, but there was more than one Richard Ingram in the area at the time.


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1 †††††† RICHARD INGRAM of Llanidloes and Nantmel, Radnorshire, yeoman, died in 1762.[5] He married on 6 May 1726 at Llanidloes, ANN EVANS[6] who died ca 1766.[7]


†††††††††††† Children of Richard and Ann (Evans) Ingram:[8]

†††††††††††† 2 †††††††† i†††††††††† DAVID INGRAM (1727-1807); m JANE LEWIS.

†††††††††††††††††††††††† ii †††††††† RICHARD INGRAM of Nantmel, bap 14 Nov 1729, Llanidloes.[9]

†††††††††††††††††††††††† iii†††††††† WALTER INGRAM, bap 27 Jun 1731, Llanidloes.[10]

††††††††††††††† iv ††††††† ELIZABETH INGRAM, bap 21 Jul 1733, Llanidloes;[11] m 30 Jul 1762, Nantmel, CHARLES EVANS.[12]

††††††††††††††† v††††††††† JANE INGRAM, bap 1 May 1737, Llanidloes.[13]


2 †††††† DAVID INGRAM of Llansantffraed Cwmdeuddwr was baptised on 27 October 1727 at Llanidloes[14] and died ca 1807.[15] He married on 1 June 1758 at Llangurig, JANE LEWIS.[16]


†††††††††††† Children of David and Jane (Lewis) Ingram:[17]

†††††††††††† 3††††††††† i ††††††††† RICHARD INGRAM; m MARY DAVIES.

†††††††††††††††††††††††† ii †††††††† JANE INGRAM.

††††††††††††††††† iii †††††† MARTHA INGRAM, b ca 1761, bur 12 Oct 1834, Llansantffraed Cwmdeuddwr;[18] m 26 Sep 1783, Llansantffraed Cwmdeuddwr, JOHN LAWRENCE.[19]


3††††††† RICHARD INGRAM of Llansantffraed Cwmdeuddwr, farmer, married on 15 July 1788 at Llansantffraed Cwmdeuddwr, MARY DAVIES.[20]


†† Children of Richard Ingram:[21]

†††††††† i ††††††††† JOHN INGRAM of Bedwellty, Monmouthshire, coal miner, b ca 1804, Radnorshire,[22] d 10 Sep 1854, Tredegar;[23] m 15 Oct 1838, Bedwellty, MARY COLLINS.[24]

†††††††† ii †††††††† MARGARET INGRAM, b ca 1806, Llansantffraed Cwmdeuddwr or Nantmel,[25] d 17 Feb 1878, Llanganten, Breconshire;[26] m 12 May 1828, Llanfihangel Helygen, REES BOWEN[27] (see here).

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