The will of Grace Kent, widow, of St Dennis, Cornwall, was dated 6 September 1723 and proved on 9 May 1732. It mentions her eldest son Nicholas Kent (and his daughter Jane), son John Kent, daughter Mary (Worth or North), daughter Elizabeth Prout, daughter Joan Richards, and daughter Grace Hore.[1] The name of the testator’s husband is provided by the Quaker record of the marriage intentions of “Jonathan Prout of the P[ar]ish Called St Dennis” and “Elizabeth Kent Daughter of Robert & Grace Kent of the s[ai]d P[ar]ish”.[2]


There appear to have been other Kent family links with the Society of Friends. Their records include, for example, the birth in 1660 of John Kent, son of John Kent of St Dennis.[3]


The link between Nicholas Kent of Lanivet and the Kents of St Dennis is supported by the administration records of John Robins of Lanivet. Administration was granted on 26 May 1707 to his son Richard Robins, John’s widow Agnes having renounced her right. It was granted again, de bonis non, to Nicholas Kent of Lanivet, farmer and John Kent of St Dennis, stannator (or tinner), during the minority of Jane Kent, the next of kin of John Robins, on 29 October 1723.[4]


The St Dennis parish registers also record the baptism of John, illegitimate son of Grace Kent, on 16 June 1695.


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1          ROBERT KENT was buried on 6 May 1692 at St Dennis, Cornwall.[5] He married GRACE who was buried on 7 May 1724 at St Dennis, Cornwall.[6]


                Children of Robert and Grace Kent:

                2              i               NICHOLAS KENT (ca 1678-1724); m AGNES ROBINS.

                                ii              JOHN KENT.

                                iii             MARY KENT.

                                iv             ELIZABETH KENT; m 12 Jun 1707, St Austell, JONATHAN PROUT.[7]

                                v              GRACE KENT; m 20 Apr 1712, St Dennis, BENNET HOAR.[8]

                                vi             ROBERT KENT of St Dennis, tinner, bap 29 Jun 1687, St Dennis,[9] bur 26 Feb 1715/16, St Dennis.[10]

                                vii            JOAN KENT, bap 1 May 1689, St Dennis.[11]

                                viii           JOAN KENT, bap 14 Apr 1691, St Dennis;[12] m 6 Oct 1716, Lanivet, THOMAS RICHARDS.[13]


2          NICHOLAS KENT of Lanivet, farmer, was born about 1678[14] and buried on 9 May 1724 at Lanivet.[15] He married on 14 October 1704 at Lanivet, AGNES ROBINS,[16] daughter of John and Agnes (Hicks) Robins (see here). Agnes (Robins) Kent was baptised on 2 February 1680/81 at Lanivet and buried on 10 March 1717/18 at Lanivet.


                Child of Nicholas and Agnes (Robins) Kent:

                                i               JANE KENT, bap 1 Feb 1705/06, Lanivet,[17] d ca 1773;[18] m 30 Dec 1724, Lanivet, NICHOLAS GROSE[19] (see here).

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