The Hearth Tax lists of the 1660s includes a Richard Robins and a William Robbins at Lanivet. The baptism of John Robins has not been found but some children of Richard and Joan Robins were baptised at Lanivet including Margaret in 1657, Ralph in 1659 and Joan in 1665. Joan, wife of Richard Robins of Lanivet, is mentioned in the wills of Martin Jolley/Jolliffe (1676)[1] and Jane Jolley/Jolliffe (1677) of St Mawgan in Pydar,[2] but no specific relationship is stated. John Robins and Agnes his wife are mentioned in 1681 in connection with property in the tenure of Jane Jolley of St. Mawgan in Pydar, widow.[3] This, along with the name of the son of John and Agnes being Richard, lends some support to the possibility that John Robins was a son of Richard and Joan. Moreover, Ane Cripes of Lanivet, in her will dated 1685, gives to John Robings one shilling and to his children six pence each, to Ralph Robings one shilling, to Margary Robings one shilling, and to Jone Robings one shilling.[4] Although the will does not explicitly state that John, Ralph, Margary and Jone were siblings, that seems the most likely possibility. A connection between the Jolley and Cripes families is confirmed by a lease of 1642 which shows that Martin Jolly had married Jane Cripes.[5]


The will of Richard Courtenay (d 1632) of Tremere in Lanivet mentions Thomas Robins (the son-in-law of Richardís sister), Thomasís wife Jane, and their son William.[6]


The maiden surname of Agnes, wife of John Robins, is uncertain. It may have been Hicks or Polkinghorne as there are various records in which the Robins family of Lanivet is associated with members of those families.


In 1689, John Robins of Lanivet, Cornwall, yeoman, was named as the principal creditor and administrator of the estate of Thomas Hicks of Lanivet. The right of administration had been renounced by Thomasís widow Beatrix Hicks. Thomas Hicks and Beatrice Polkinghorne were married at Egloshayle in 1680.


The will of Richard Robins, son of John Robins and Agnes, names his ďkindsmanĒ Thomas Hicks and Thomasís brother William Hicks and sister Elizabeth Hicks. These appear to be children of Thomas and Beatrice Hicks. Thomas Polkinghorn of Breague, stannator, was a party to the administration of John Robins.


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1††††††††† RICHARD ROBINS of Lanivet, Cornwall, was buried on 12 January 1677/78 at Lanivet.[7] He married JOAN,[8] who was buried on 1 March 1693/94 at Lanivet.[9]


Children of Richard and Joan Robins:

2††††††††††††† i†††††††††††††† JOHN ROBINS (bur 1707);[10] m AGNES.

ii††††††††††††† MARGERY ROBINS,[11] bap 3 Feb 1657/58, Lanivet,[12] bur 17 Aug 1704, St. Stephen in Brannel;[13] m 18 Sep 1686, Lanivet, JOHN PYNNOW.[14]

iii†††††††††††† RALPH ROBINS, bap 23 Dec 1659, Lanivet.[15]

iv†††††††††††† JOAN ROBINS, bap 14 May 1665, Lanivet.[16]


2††††††††† JOHN ROBINS of Lanivet, yeoman, was buried on 12 May 1707 at Lanivet.[17] John married AGNES,[18] who was buried on 16 April 1721 at Lanivet.[19]


Children of John and Agnes Robins:

i ††††††††††††† AGNES ROBINS, bap 2 Feb 1680/81, Lanivet,[20] bur 10 Mar 1717/18, Lanivet;[21] m 14 Oct 1704, Lanivet, NICHOLAS KENT[22] (see here).

ii ††††††††††† RICHARD ROBINS of Lanivet, yeoman, bap 26 Sep 1682, Lanivet,[23] bur 6 May 1712, Lanivet.[24]

iii †††††††††† JANE ROBINS, bap 17 Feb 1684/85, Lanivet,[25] bur 23 May 1687, Lanivet.[26]

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