The will of Samuel Holman of Warbstow, proved in 1692, mentions a brother John (who had a daughter Jane Thomas) as well as “John Holman the sonn of Stephen Holman my Brother”. The second John could be the one who married Jane Gillard, although it is uncertain. It may be noted, however, that Jane Gillard’s mother Ann Symons had a sister called Phillip who married a Stephen Holman. This raises the possibility that John and Jane (Gillard) Holman were first cousins.


The will of Michael Holman of Warbstow, dated 1682, also mentions a John Holman.


An account of the estate of John Holman of Warbstow (d 1711) mentions a debt due to Richard Holman of Tresmeer. The 1722 will of Richard Holman of Tresmeer names a nephew John Holman, but it seems likely that the latter was baptised at Tresmeer in 1687 and would be too young to be the John who married Jane Gillard in 1697. The John baptised in 1687 was evidently the son of another John Holman (son of Thomas Holman of Tresmeer). This was apparently a different man from the John who married Jane Gillard.


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1          JOHN HOLMAN of Warbstow, Cornwall, yeoman, was buried on 29 April 1711 at Warbstow.[1] He married on 31 May 1697 at Treneglos, JANE GILLARD,[2] daughter of Nicholas and Ann (Symons) Gillard (see here). Jane was buried on 21 December 1719 at Warbstow.


Children of John and Jane (Gillard) Holman:

                2              i               JOHN HOLMAN (1698-1762); m REBECCA TRETHOUAN.

                                ii              JANE HOLMAN, bap 3 Jun 1701, Warbstow,[3] bur 21 Nov 1748, Warbstow;[4] m 25 Jun 1722, Trewen, NICHOLAS WESTLAKE.[5]


2          JOHN HOLMAN of Warbstow, yeoman, was baptised on 2 August 1698 at Warbstow[6] and buried on 13 December 1762 at Warbstow.[7] He married on 3 January 1743/44 at Otterham, REBECCA TRETHOUAN,[8] daughter of William and Thomasine (Turner) Trethouan (see here). Rebecca was baptised on 25 October 1704 at St Gennys and buried on 26 November 1771 at Warbstow.


Children of John and Rebecca (Trethouan) Holman:

                                i               JOHN HOLMAN, bap 9 Oct 1744, Warbstow,[9] bur 12 Mar 1747/48, Warbstow.[10]

                                ii              THOMASINE HOLMAN, bap 26 Dec 1747, Warbstow,[11] bur 15 Sep 1806, Warbstow;[12] m HENRY PEARCE.[13]

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