Probate records help to identify the parentage of Jane (Gillard) Holman. The will of Nicholas Gillard of Treneglos, written in 1692, mentions among others his daughter Jane, son Nicholas and son Robert. The 1729 will of Nicholas Gillard of Otterham mentions his kinsman John Holman of Warbstow, kinswoman Jane Holman, and brother Robert Gillard. The will of Robert Gillard of Warbstow, written in 1734, names his nephew John Holman.


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1          CHRISTOPHER GILLARD of Treneglos, Cornwall, husbandman, died in 1645.[1] He married ELIZABETH.[2]


Children of Christopher Gillard:

2              i               NICHOLAS GILLARD (bur 1695/96); m ANN SYMONS.

ii              ANN GILLARD, d ca 1685.[3]

iii             PHILIP GILLARD; m AMY.[4]


v              WILLIAM GILLARD.


2          NICHOLAS GILLARD of Treneglos, husbandman, was buried on 14 February 1695/96 at Treneglos.[5] He married ANN SYMONS,[6] daughter of Richard and Frances (Stodden) Symons (see here). Ann was buried on 6 May 1711 at Treneglos.


Children of Nicholas and Ann (Symons) Gillard:

i               CHRISTIAN GILLARD.

ii              GEORGE GILLARD of Treneglos, husbandman, bur 18 Mar 1728/29, Treneglos;[7] m(1) SUSAN;[8] m(2) 26 Jan 1718/19, Treneglos, FRANCES HUNKIN.[9]

iii             ROBERT GILLARD of Warbstow, yeoman, bur 11 Mar 1735/36, Warbstow;[10] m 8 Jan 1708/09, Treneglos, JOAN WARD.[11]

iv             NICHOLAS GILLARD of Otterham, miller, bur 2 Jan 1729/30, Otterham;[12] m 4 May 1700, Otterham, JANE HOBB.[13]

v              JANE GILLARD, bur 21 Dec 1719, Warbstow;[14] m 31 May 1697, Treneglos, JOHN HOLMAN[15] (see here).

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