The will of Thomazin Moyse of Otterham, dated 19 October 1734, mentions her husband John Moyse, her sisters Elener Trethouan and Rebeckah Trethouan and her father William Trethouan. The witnesses were Edmund Turner and Thomazin Trethouan.[1]


William Trethouan of Otterham was probably closely related to Jane Trethouan who married John Rowse at Treneglos in 1699/1700.[2] The will of John “Roose” of Warbstow was witnessed by William Trethouan in 1721.[3]


There was a William Trethowan baptised at Mylor in 1678, son of John and Eleanor, who could be the William who married Thomasine Turner. The other children of John and Eleanor included a Jane, baptised in 1667.


Thomasine (Turner) Trethouan may be the Thomasine Turner baptised at Poundstock in 1679, daughter of Richard and Mary. There was also a Thomasine Turner baptised at St Gennys in 1687, daughter of Thomas, but that would be rather late for an individual married in 1702/03.


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WILLIAM TRETHOUAN of Otterham, Cornwall, yeoman, married on 8 February 1702/03 at North Petherwin, THOMASINE TURNER.[4] Thomasine was buried on 21 March 1741/42 at Otterham.[5]


Children of William and Thomasine (Turner) Trethouan:

                i               ELEANOR TRETHOUAN, bap 16 Nov 1703, Otterham,[6] bur 18 Dec 1768, Otterham.[7]

                ii              REBECCA TRETHOUAN, bap 25 Oct 1704, St Gennys,[8] bur 26 Nov 1771, Warbstow;[9] m 3 Jan 1743/44, Otterham, JOHN HOLMAN[10] (see here).

                iii             THOMASINE TRETHOUAN, bap 19 Feb 1705/06, St Gennys,[11] bur 14 Nov 1734, Otterham;[12] m 5 Jan 1733, Lesnewth, JOHN MOYSE.[13]

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