John Daniels and Ann Crofts were married at Rotherham in 1798. There was an Ann, daughter of John Croft, baptised at Sheffield on 29 September 1776. However, Ann, daughter of John Croft was buried there on 25 May 1777, so she cannot have been the individual who married in 1798. When Ann (Crofts) Daniels died in 1802, she was buried at Eckington, over the county border in Derbyshire, which is suggestive of a family connection with that parish. The Eckington registers show that Ann, daughter of John and Mary Crofts, was baptised there on 27 February 1774. John Crofts and Mary Haslam had been married at Eckington on 26 December 1760.


Another relevant circumstance is that the marriage of Mary Crofts and Samuel Witton (sometimes spelt Whitham or variants) in April 1798 at Sheffield was witnessed by an Ann Crofts who, from a comparison of signatures, seems to be the Ann who married John Daniels a few months later. Samuel Witton in turn was a witness at the marriage of Hannah Crofts and Charles Richardson at Sheffield in 1803.


Ruth Margaret (Daniels) Davies, a great-great-great-granddaughter of John and Ann (Crofts) Daniels, has some pertinent DNA matches.[1] She has significant matches of 53 cM and 32 cM with two siblings who are great-grandchildren of Mary Ann (Whitham) Powell. Mary Ann was evidently a daughter of Emily Whitham, daughter of John Whitham, son of Samuel and Mary (Crofts) Whitham. Ruth also has a match of 21 cM with a great-great-great-grandchild of Elizabeth Haslam who married Jeremiah Bolsover at Sheffield in 1796. The parentage of Elizabeth is not entirely clear[2] but she appears to have been connected with the Haslams of Eckington as she had children baptised there and the Haslams of Eckington had other connections with Sheffield in that period.[3] The 21 cM match does seem to be through John Daniels or Ann Crofts.[4]


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JOHN CROFTS of Eckington, Derbyshire, married on 26 December 1760 at Eckington, MARY HASLAM,[5] daughter of Godfrey and Phebe (Bird) Haslam (see here). Mary was baptised on 10 September 1740 at Eckington and buried on 7 October 1810 at Eckington.


Children of John and Mary (Haslam) Crofts:[6]

i†††††††††††††† GEORGE CROFTS, bap 13 May 1762, Eckington.[7]

ii††††††††††††† JOHN CROFTS, bap 18 Aug 1765, Eckington.[8]

iii†††††††††††† HANNAH CROFTS, bap 1 May 1768, Eckington;[9] m 25 Jul 1803, Sheffield, CHARLES RICHARDSON.[10]

iv†††††††††††† SARAH CROFTS, bap 6 Oct 1771, Eckington[11] bur 28 Aug 1825, Eckington;[12] m 15 Oct 1798, Sheffield, GODFREY HASLAM.[13]

v††††††††††††† ANN CROFTS, bap 27 Feb 1774, Eckington,[14] bur 21 Apr 1802, Eckington;[15] m 27 Aug 1798, Rotherham, JOHN DANIELS[16] (see here).

vi†††††††††††† MARY CROFTS, bap 26 Dec 1776, Eckington;[17] m 23 Apr 1798, Sheffield, SAMUEL WHITHAM.[18]

vii††††††††††† ELIZABETH CROFTS, bap 20 Oct 1782, Eckington,[19] bur 4 Dec 1783, Eckington.[20]

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[2] There was an Elizabeth, daughter of Matthew Haslam, baptised at Sheffield on 5 Apr 1772. However, she was buried there on 14 Jun 1772 so she could not be the wife of Jeremiah Bolsover.

[3] Godfrey Haslam and Sarah Crofts were married at Sheffield in 1798 and later had children baptised at Eckington. Godfrey was baptised in 1777 at Eckington, son of Godfrey and Christian Haslam.

[4] The 21 cM match testee and Ruth Margaret (Daniels) Davies have one individual who shows as a shared match and that individual is descended from a brother of Ruthís paternal grandfather Lancelot Daniels, so it appears that Ruthís connection with the 21 cM testee is through Lancelot. Furthermore, the immediate ancestry of three of Lancelotís grandparents was from Devon and Cornwall, whereas the 21 cM testee does not have any traced recent ancestry from that part of the country. Therefore it is probable that the connection is through Lancelotís remaining grandparent, Henry Daniels, son of John and Ann (Crofts) Daniels.

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[6] John and Mary may also have been the parents of Thomas Crofts and Godfrey Crofts, baptised at Eckington in 1779 and 1786 respectively as sons of John Crofts. However, an Elizabeth, daughter of John and Rebecca Crofts, was baptised at Eckington on 4 Jul 1776 so there was evidently another John Crofts having children in the area at the time. The mother is not named in the baptism entries for Thomas and Godfrey.

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