Lewis Stribley of St Wenn, Cornwall, yeoman, married Mary Trevithick at St Enoder in 1671. The will of Lewis Stribley, written in 1689, mentions his sons Henry and Thomas, his daughters Charity, Mary, Susan and Frances (all under twenty), and his son William Stribley. On 8 November 1689, administration of the estate of Lewis Stribley was granted to William Trevithick of St Enoder, gentleman, during the minority of William Stribley, the son and executor named in Lewis’s will.[1]


The will of Henry Stribley of St Wenn, dated 5 October 1731, mentioned, amongst others, his wife Honour Stribley, his mother Mary Stribley (“my Mother Mary Stribly shall have her Dyett and Lodging from the time of my Death during soe many yeares as she shall happen to Live in my Dwelling house att pengelly and att the Cost of my Executor hereinafter named”), his daughters Honour Stribley, Frances Stribley, Susanna Stribley and Anna Maria Stribley (all under twenty-one), his daughter Mary Mitchell, his brother-in-law Richard Hawkey of St Wenn, gentleman, and his only son Richard Stribley (under twenty-one). Administration of Henry’s estate was granted to Richard Hawkey in 1732, during the minority of Henry’s son Richard Stribley. An inventory of the goods of Henry Stribley was taken on 13 December 1731 by Richard Hawkey of St Dennis and Richard Bullock of Lanivet.[2] This link with Richard Bullock supports the identification of Frances, wife of Richard Bullock of Lanivet, as the Frances Stribley who married Richard Bullock at St Wenn in 1701, and as a sister of Henry Stribley and daughter of Lewis Stribley.


A Lewes Stribly, son of Gregory Stribly, was baptised at Padstow on 24 May 1607.[3] This seems likely to be connected with the St Wenn family, especially in light of a Gregory Stribly being recorded at St Wenn in the hearth tax returns of 1664.[4] Lewis Stribleys were buried at Padstow in 1619 and 1624[5] and the will of Gregory Stribley of Padstow, yeoman, dated 24 December 1635, mentions (among many others) “Thomas Stribly sonne of Lewes Stribly deceased”.[6]


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LEWIS STRIBLEY of St Wenn, Cornwall, yeoman, was buried on 18 July 1689 at St Wenn.[7] He married at St Enoder, Cornwall, on 9 November 1671, MARY TREVITHICK,[8] daughter of William and Frances Trevithick (see here). Mary was baptised on 21 March 1651/52 at St Enoder and buried on 9 December 1740 at St Wenn.


Children of Lewis and Mary (Trevithick) Stribley:[9]

                i               MARY STRIBLEY, bap 8 Oct 1672, St Wenn.[10]

                ii             CHARITY STRIBLEY, bap 3 Jan 1673/74, St Wenn.[11]

                iii            WILLIAM STRIBLEY.

                iv            MARY STRIBLEY, bap 1678, St Wenn.[12]

                v              FRANCES STRIBLEY, bur 26 May 1766, St Dennis;[13] m 19 Jul 1701, St Wenn, RICHARD BULLOCK[14] (see here).

                vi            SUSAN STRIBLEY, b ca 1684,[15] bur 30 Jul 1745, Bodmin;[16] m(1) 9 Nov 1709, St Wenn, NICHOLAS TREMEER;[17] m(2) 12 Feb 1712, Lanhydrock, WILLIAM MARSHALL.[18]

                vii           HENRY STRIBLEY of St Wenn, gentleman, bur 5 Dec 1731, St Wenn;[19] m 25 Dec 1708, St Dennis, HONOUR HAWKEY.[20]

                viii          THOMAS STRIBLEY, bap 2 Sep 1687, St Wenn.[21]

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