An Anthony Pooley was buried at North Tamerton in 1725/26 and a Margery Pooley was buried there in 1734. They have not yet been connected to the family covered below but John and Elizabeth (Harris) Pooley had a son called Anthony, which is suggestive of some link with the earlier individual of that name.


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1          MARY POOLEY was buried on 28 Mar 1794 at Boyton, Cornwall.[1]


                Children of Mary Pooley:

                            i            John POOLEY of Boyton, labourer, bap 6 Nov 1748, North Tamerton,[2] bur 10 Apr 1795, Boyton;[3] m 29 Jun 1779, Whitstone, ELIZABETH HARRIS.[4]

                2          ii           Samuel POOLEY (1752-1808); m SARAH SMITH.


2          SAMUEL POOLEY of Boyton was baptised on 5 July 1752 at North Tamerton[5] and buried on 15 July 1808 at Boyton.[6] He married on 21 August 1785 at North Petherwin, SARAH SMITH,[7] daughter of Elizabeth Smith (see here). Sarah was baptised on 10 February 1765 at North Petherwin and buried on 26 December 1814 at Boyton.


                Children of Samuel and Sarah (Smith) Pooley:

                            i            JOHN POOLEY, bap 11 Jun 1786, Boyton.[8]

                            ii           SAMUEL POOLEY, bap 11 May 1788, Boyton.[9]

                            iii          MARY POOLEY; m(1) 8 Feb 1816, Boyton, THOMAS GIDDY;[10] m(2) 29 Mar 1842, Luffincott, WILLIAM BEARE.[11]

                            iv         WILLIAM POOLEY, bap 13 Apr 1794, Boyton.[12]

                            v          BENJAMIN POOLEY, bap 2 Jul 1797, Boyton,[13] bur 21 Sep 1798, Boyton.[14]

                            vi         BENJAMIN POOLEY of Boyton, agricultural labourer, b Boyton,[15] bap 1 Sep 1799, Boyton,[16] bur 23 Dec 1864, Boyton;[17] m 16 May 1823, Boyton, MARY SHEPHARD.[18]

                            vii        SARAH POOLEY, b Boyton,[19] bap 10 Apr 1803, Boyton,[20] d 17 Jun 1851, Werrington;[21] m 2 Nov 1826, Boyton, WILLIAM SYMONS[22] (see here).

                            viii       ELIZABETH POOLEY, b Boyton,[23] bap 10 Apr 1803, Boyton[24] d 15 Nov 1878;[25] m 29 Sep 1825, St Stephen by Launceston, RICHARD WOOF.[26]

                            ix         RICHARD POOLEY, bap 20 Oct 1805, Boyton.[27]

                            x          JANE POOLEY, b Boyton,[28] bap 9 Apr 1809, Boyton;[29] m 27 Apr 1830, Werrington, THOMAS PROUT CLARKE.[30]

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