There were baptisms of several other children of James Nixon at St Mary, Carlisle, around the time of the baptism of Hannah (Nixon) Sewell but it is not clear whether they were all children of the same James. I have not yet checked all the entries in the parish registers to determine whether additional information is given which might help to clarify the situation. Some of the baptisms are quite close together but not to such a degree that they could not plausibly be children of the same couple.


A possible marriage for James Nixon is on 24 May 1746 at St Mary, Carlisle, to Elizabeth Wilkinson.


James may be the one of that name baptised at Dalston on 17 March 1710/11, son of Robert Nixon of Cardew.


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JAMES NIXON, weaver.


Child of James Nixon:

i               HANNAH NIXON, bap 25 Aug 1751, St Mary, Carlisle,[1] d 12 Oct 1791,[2] bur 14 Oct 1791, St Cuthbert, Carlisle;[3] m 27 Jun 1775, St Cuthbert, Carlisle, JOSEPH SEWELL[4] (see here).

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