Edith (Dixon) Timmins stated that her mother Jessie (Wilson) Dixon was born in the Burnopfield area of County Durham but was later brought up at Canonbie and Lockerbie in Dumfriesshire. This is supported by the 1891 census returns for Canonbie, where Jessie Wilson, aged ten, born in England, is shown as a granddaughter of Thomas Wilson.[1] A copy in my possession of William Smith’s First Latin Course[2] is inscribed on the flyleaf with the name Jessie Wilson and the location Canonbie and on the title page with the name Jessie Wilson, “Langholm P. School” and the date September 1892.


Confirmation that the Wilsons of Tanfield and those of Canonbie were the same family is provided by the records mentioned below in relation to the marriage of Jessie Wilson (daughter of Thomas) to George Harrison.


One possible baptism of John Wilson, the husband of Margaret Thomson, was at Canonbie on 15 June 1766, when John, son of Thomas Wilson and Margaret Henderson, was baptised.[3] There was also a John, son of John Wilson and Marion Glasgow, baptised at Canonbie in 1769.[4]


It appears from the baptism record of John Wilson and the marriage records of his parents Thomas Wilson and Dorothy that Dorothy’s surname was Goodfellow. However, the statutory death record of Thomas Wilson from 1891 gives his first wife’s name as “Dorathy Elliot”.[5] This matches the burial of a Dorathy Elliot on 19 October 1842 aged 33, when her residence was given as Mumby. The birthplace in Canonbie of John Wilson and the residence of Thomas, Dorothy and John in 1841 was Mumbyhirst. It seems implausible that there were two different Thomas Wilson and Dorothy couples who would match so closely without appearing separately in the records. It therefore appears that Dorothy was sometimes known as Dorothy Goodfellow and sometimes as Dorothy Elliot.


A John Goodfellow married a Dorothy Elliot at Lanercost in the 1760s. This is too early to be the marriage of the parents of Dorothy, wife of Thomas Wilson, but there may be a connection of some kind. There are a few other references to Goodfellows in the area, which may be relevant.


From a monumental inscription at Canonbie, it appears that a William Scott married a Margaret Goodfellow, the latter dying 8 January 1857 aged 60.[6] Margaret’s death record gives her parents as John Goodfellow, a farmer, and Elizabeth Clementson, so it would appear that she was a daughter of the John Goodfellow and Elizabeth Clemitson married at Crosby on Eden in 1788.


A Dorothy Goodfellow was baptised at Raughtonhead, Cumberland, on 5 February 1817, daughter of Robert and Jane, but she was presumably the Dorothy living at Craggs in the parish of Westward at the time of the 1841 census and who was buried at Raughtonhead on 25 January 1847 when her residence was given as Craggs in Westward. Robert Goodfellow of Dalston and Jane Thompson were married at Raughtonhead in 1814.


A John Goodfellow and Mary Nieves were married in 1818 at Kirkbampton, the parish given as Dorothy’s residence when she married Thomas Wilson in 1839. A William Messenger and Bella/Isabella Goodfellow were married there in 1806. Their daughter, Dorothy Messenger, was baptized at Burgh by Sands in 1812. She married Joseph Wilson at Burgh by Sands in 1835 and her death on 29 July 1836 is reported in The Carlisle Journal of 6 August 1836. As a widower, Joseph Wilson was of Kirkbampton when he married Matilda Lawson at Wigton in 1837.


A possibility is that Dorothy, wife of Thomas Wilson, was the Dorothy, daughter of Susan Stephenson, who was baptised at Brampton on 22 December 1811. The reason for considering this is that a Susanna Stephenson married a John Goodfellow at Brampton in 1783 and the mother in the 1811 baptism entry may be the same person under her maiden name as a widow or, more likely chronologically, her daughter Susan Goodfellow, perhaps using her mother’s maiden name as an alias at the baptism of the illegitimate child. I have not yet seen the 1811 entry in the original register so there may be additional information in it. There was also a Dorothy, daughter of Susan Goodfellow, widow, buried at Brampton in 1808, and a William, son of Susan Goodfellow, baptised there in 1813, the latter suggesting that Susan Goodfellow did indeed have at least one illegitimate child. It is also worth observing that a Thomas, illegitimate son of Dorothy Goodfellow, spinster, was baptised at Brampton on 4 October 1833. Thomas Goodfellow is recorded at the workhouse at Brampton in the 1841 census returns (no other Goodfellows being there at the time). The mother may well be the Dorothy who married Thomas Wilson. The most obvious alternative is the Dorothy Goodfellow baptised at Raughton Head in 1817 who would probably have been only sixteen at the time and as far as is known was living with her family in the Raughton Head or Westward area, some distance away from Brampton. There was also a Dorothy Goodfellow of Scaleby who married a John Fergusson of Dearham at Gretna on 12 August 1834. However, she may have been the Dolly James who married Gideon Goodfellow in 1816 as a Gideon Goodfellow was buried at Scaleby on 9 May 1834.


If Thomas Wilson’s wife Dorothy did come from Brampton, then the surname Elliot sometimes given for her may be her father’s surname. There were certainly Elliots in the Brampton area in the relevant period.


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1     JOHN WILSON of Forgebraehead, Canonbie, Dumfriesshire, labourer, was born ca 1766 and died on 16 December 1845 at Canonbie.[7] He married on 28 September 1796 at Canonbie, MARGARET THOMSON.[8] Margaret was born ca 1771 at Half Morton[9] and died on 30 September 1853.[10]


         Children of John Wilson and Margaret Thomson:

                  i       ILIAN WILSON, b 28 July 1797.[11]

                  ii      MARGARET WILSON, b 17 July 1799, bap 28 July 1799, Canonbie.[12]

                  iii     HELEN WILSON, b 22 August 1804, bap 9 December 1804, Canonbie.[13]

         2       iv     THOMAS WILSON (ca 1812-1891);[14] m(1) DOROTHY GOODFELLOW; m(2) ELLEN SCOTT.

                  v      WILHELMINA WILSON, b ca 1816, Canonbie,[15] d 25 December 1893, Dumfries.[16]


2     THOMAS WILSON of Canonbie, husbandry labourer and drainer, was born ca 1812 at Canonbie[17] and died on 17 November 1891 at Canonbie.[18] He married first, on 22 September 1839 at Gretna, DOROTHY GOODFELLOW or ELLIOT.[19] Dorothy was born ca 1810 in England and buried on 19 October 1842 at Canonbie.[20] Thomas Wilson married second, ELLEN SCOTT,[21] daughter of James Scott and Ellen Irving.[22] Ellen Scott was born ca 1820 at Canonbie[23] and died on 17 December 1893 at Canonbie.[24]


         Child of Thomas Wilson and Dorothy Goodfellow:

         3       i        JOHN WILSON (1840-1888); m HANNAH McNEIL.


         Illegitimate child of Thomas Wilson and Janet Sinton:

                  ii       SARAH BELL WILSON, b 12 Aug 1844, bap 14 Sep 1845, Canonbie,[25] bur 29 Dec 1845, Canonbie.[26]


         Children of Thomas Wilson and Ellen Scott:

                  iii      HELEN WILSON, b 1850, Canonbie,[27] d 6 November 1916, Edinburgh;[28] m(1) 17 January 1868, Canonbie, GEORGE STORIE;[29] m(2) 19 March 1883, Edinburgh, JAMES WRIGHT.[30]

                  iv      MARGARET WILSON, b ca 1851, Canobie.[31]

                  v       JAMES WILSON, carpenter, b 28 April 1855, Canonbie,[32] d 12 Nov 1945, York Mills, Ontario; m CLARA ELIZABETH PARR.[33]

                  vi      JESSIE WILSON, b 5 May 1857, Canonbie;[34] m ca 1888, GEORGE HARRISON.[35]

                  vii     WILLIAM WILSON of Carlisle, Cumberland, joiner, b 5 July 1859, Canonbie;[36] m 29 December 1882, Canonbie, JANET LITTLE.[37]

                  viii    ELIZABETH WILSON, b 7 June 1862, Canonbie,[38] d 23 May 1863, Canonbie.[39]


3     JOHN WILSON of Tanfield, County Durham, cartman, was born on 12 November 1840 at Canonbie[40] and died on 28 December 1888 at Burnopfield.[41] He married on 26 August 1866 at Carlisle register office, HANNAH McNEIL,[42] daughter of John and Hannah (Sewell) McNeil of Liverpool, Lancashire (see here). Hannah McNeil was born in July 1841 at Liverpool and died on 24 October 1881 at Burnopfield.


         Children of John and Hannah (McNeil) Wilson:

                  i       THOMAS WILSON, b 6 June 1867, Blaydon, Durham,[43] d 12 December 1887.[44]

                  ii      JAMES WILSON, b 12 January 1869, Blaydon,[45] d in infancy.[46]

                  iii     JOHN WILSON of Whickham, Co. Durham, colliery labourer, b ca 1871, Tanfield,[47] d 9 March 1909;[48] m 6 Apr 1896, Sugley, MARY SMITH BEATTIE.[49]

                  iv      EDWARD WILSON, b 16 July 1873, Tanfield,[50] d in infancy.[51]

                  v      MARGARET WILSON, b 3 November 1874, Tanfield,[52] d 31 May 1959, Leeds.[53]

                  vi     WILLIAM WILSON, labourer, b 25 December 1876, Burnopfield,[54] d 22 November 1942, Darlington.[55]

                  vii     EDWIN WILSON, b 9 May 1879, Burnopfield,[56] bur 11 Feb 1880, Burnopfield.[57]

                  viii   JESSIE WILSON, b 30 December 1880, Tanfield,[58] d 18 November 1918, Wallsend-on-Tyne, Northumberland;[59] m 26 July 1911, Tynemouth register office, Northumberland, JOHN DIXON[60] (see here).

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