A DNA match relevant to this line is one of 11 cM between Ruth Margaret (Daniels) Davies, granddaughter of John and Jessie (Wilson) Dixon, and a descendant of Joseph and Mary (Dixon) Hodgson. Ruth also has matches of 15 cM and 11 cM with two descendants of John Dowthwaite, baptised at Castle Sowerby in 1786, son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Dixon) Dowthwaite. However, the connection of Elizabeth Dixon to the family covered below is not currently known.


The origins of Sarah Wheeler, mother of George Dixon (1815-1861), are not known, but there are a group of DNA matches which may be relevant. Ruth Margaret (Daniels) Davies, granddaughter of John Dixon (1870-1938) has several matches with descendants of William Willan or Willen and Sarah Hodgson who were married at Dufton, Westmorland, in 1829, and later migrated to North America. A descendant of Alfred James Dixon (1875-1942) shares these matches, so it appears that the link is through either Edward Wilson Dixon or Margaret McNeil. The ancestry of William Willan and Sarah Hodgson has not been traced. Joseph and Mary (Dixon) Hodgson mentioned in the account below had a daughter called Sarah of approximately the right age to be the one who married William Willan. However, this possibility appears to be ruled out by Joseph and Mary’s daughter Sarah appearing unmarried in the census returns for Cumberland long after the marriage and migration of William and Sarah (Hodgson) Willan. Ruth also has a match of 11 cM with a descendant of George Willan and Tamar Dargue who were married at Dufton in 1804.


A possible link is John Willan of Kingston, Jamaica, merchant, who died on 6 March 1794, when he was said to be aged twenty-eight,[1] who would be around the right age to be the father, legitimately or illegitimately, of Sarah Wheeler (whose name in connection with George Dixon is only known from one baptism entry). The will of John Willan[2] does not name any children. However, it was witnessed by Colin MacLarty and Charles MacLarty and the MacLartys were closely involved with the running of Clydesdale plantation,[3] later managed by George Dixon,[4] which is suggestive of a connection of some kind. John Willan’s will names his mother Margaret Willan of Great Britain, widow. It seems likely that he was baptised at Kendal, Westmorland, in 1767, son of John and Margaret (Stephenson) Willan. No relationship with the William Willan married at Dufton in 1829 has yet been found and the relevance to the DNA matches and the ancestry of Sarah Wheeler is unclear at this stage.


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1          JOHN DIXON of Southernby, Castle Sowerby, Cumberland, yeoman, was born ca 1712[5] and died on 11 May 1790.[6] He married on 20 December 1773 at Castle Sowerby, NANCY BROWN,[7] daughter of John and Ann (          ) (Lawson) Brown (see here). Nancy was born ca 1744 and died on 10 May 1787.


                            Children of John and Nancy (Brown) Dixon:

                                i               MARY DIXON, bap 6 Nov 1774, Castle Sowerby;[8] m 4 Mar 1795, Castle Sowerby, JOSEPH HODGSON.[9]

                                ii              JOHN DIXON, bap 29 Oct 1775, Castle Sowerby.[10]

                                iii             ISAAC DIXON, bap 27 Mar 1777, Castle Sowerby.[11]

                                iv             FANNY DIXON, bap 18 Oct 1778, Castle Sowerby;[12] m 9 Jun 1800, Castle Sowerby, JOHN BROWN.[13]

                                v              THOMAS DIXON of Keswick, land steward, b Castle Sowerby, bap 31 Dec 1779, Castle Sowerby,[14] d 8 Jun 1859, Keswick;[15] m 15 Dec 1804, Caldbeck, ISABELLA JAMES.[16]

                                vi             ANN DIXON, b Castle Sowerby, bap 17 Feb 1782, Castle Sowerby,[17] d 11 Sep 1857, Caldbeck;[18] m(1) 23 Mar 1805, Caldbeck, THOMAS BARNES;[19] m(2) 21 Apr 1816, Caldbeck, JAMES BURNEY.[20]

                                vii            WILLIAM DIXON, weaver, bap 18 Jun 1783, Castle Sowerby,[21] bur 25 Apr 1849, Caldbeck.[22]

                            2 viii           GEORGE DIXON (1784-1867).


2          GEORGE DIXON of Clydesdale coffee plantation, Port Royal, Jamaica, and of Caldbeck, Cumberland, planter,[23] was born at Castle Sowerby, baptised on 11 June 1784 at Castle Sowerby,[24] and died on 9 January 1867 at Gaitsgill, Cumberland.[25] George and SARAH WHEELER had the following illegitimate child.[26]


                            3 i               GEORGE DIXON (1815-1861); m MARY WILSON.


3          GEORGE DIXON of Keswick, stationer, printer and bookseller, was born on 28 March 1815 in Jamaica[27] and died on 15 November 1861 at Keswick.[28] He married on 16 April 1838 at Crosthwaite, Cumberland, MARY WILSON,[29] daughter of Isaac and Mary (Wilson) Wilson (see here). Mary was born at Keswick, baptised on 5 February 1816 at Crosthwaite, and died on 25 February 1879 at Ireby.


                            Children of George and Mary (Wilson) Dixon:

                                i               THOMAS GEORGE DIXON, b Keswick, bap 28 Feb 1839, Crosthwaite,[30] d 27 Nov 1858, Keswick.[31]

                            4 ii             EDWARD WILSON DIXON (1842-1929); m MARGARET McNEIL.


4          EDWARD WILSON DIXON of Wavertree, Lancashire, school master and manager in a galvanizing works, was born on 9 June 1842 at Keswick[32] and died on 19 February 1929 at Leeds.[33] He married on 24 December 1864 at Ireby, Cumberland, MARGARET McNEIL,[34] daughter of John and Hannah (Sewell) McNeil (see here). Margaret was born at Liverpool, baptised on 27 June 1837 at St Peter, Liverpool, and died on 31 October 1908 at West Derby, Lancashire.


                            Children of Edward Wilson and Margaret (McNeil) Dixon:

                                i               GEORGE DIXON, bap 6 Feb 1865, Ireby,[35] d Feb 1865.[36]

                                ii             EDWIN DIXON of West Derby, commercial cashier, b Queniborough, Leicestershire, bap 29 Sep 1867, Queniborough,[37] d 15 Nov 1928, Fazakerley, Lancashire;[38] m 26 Aug 1895, Fairfield, Lancashire, ELEANOR MORPHET.[39]

                                iii            JOHN DIXON of Wallsend-on-Tyne, Northumberland, journeyman joiner, b 22 Feb 1870, Lowick, Northumberland,[40] d 22 Nov 1938, Leeds;[41] m(1) 6 Sep 1899, Wavertree, ESTHER WILSON;[42] m(2) 26 Jul 1911, Tynemouth, Northumberland, JESSIE WILSON[43] (see here).

                                iv             MARGARET DIXON, bap 29 Sep 1872, Everton,[44] d 8 Apr 1876, West Derby.[45]

                                v              ALFRED JAMES DIXON of Ben Rhydding, wine and spirit merchant, b 13 Jan 1875, Liverpool,[46] d 21 May 1942, Ilkley;[47] m 1901, ANNIE ELIZA JONES.[48]

                                vi            THOMAS EDWARD DIXON, shopkeeper, b 25 May 1877, Liverpool,[49] d 25 Jun 1949, Marin County, California;[50] m 17 Mar 1913, Toronto, Ontario, CATHARINE POWER.[51]

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