The 1676 baptism entry for Walter Bound at St Neot shows that his father Walter Bound was married to an Elizabeth. No marriage entry could be found for the parents but there is a gap in the marriages in the St Neot parish registers between October 1674 and November 1676. The marriage would have taken place in that period as Walter Bound’s first wife Agatha was buried on 25 February 1674/75, and Walter and Elizabeth’s son Walter was baptised on 24 September 1676.


However, the 1680 probate record of Elizabeth’s father allows him to be identified. He is called “Edmant” Hodge in the will and Edward Hodge in the accompanying inventory, Edmund and Edward sometimes being used as variants at the time. The testator names his wife Agnes and sons John and Elias. He also gives “unto my dafter Elizabeth on[e] she[e]p & to her son water on[e] she[e]p and to her son John on[e] she[e]p”. Although the surname of Elizabeth is not mentioned, this shows that she had sons called Walter and John in 1680. These are the names of the first two recorded children of Walter and Elizabeth Bound (and the only ones who would have been living when the will was written), Walter being baptised in 1676 and John in 1678/79. No other plausible candidates have been found. Moreover, there is further support for a connection between the Hodge and Bound families as Elias Hodge was one of the two men who took the inventory of Walter Bound’s estate in 1719.


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1          ROBERT HODGE of St Neot, Cornwall, died on 5 February 1629/30.[1] He married on 16 April 1611 at St Neot, JENNIFER BAKER.[2]


Children of Robert and Jennifer (Baker) Hodge:

i               ZACHARY HODGE, bap 24 Nov 1611, St Neot;[3] m 17 Dec 1636, St Neot, JOAN MICHELL.[4]

ii             ELIAS HODGE, bap 1 Apr 1614, St Neot.[5]

iii            ANN HODGE, bap 18 Apr 1617, St Neot.[6]

2              iv            EDWARD HODGE (1619/20-1680); m AGNES.

v              GEORGE HODGE.[7]


2          EDWARD HODGE of St Neot, was baptised on 9 January 1619/20 at St Neot[8] and buried on 13 December 1680 at St Neot.[9] He married AGNES[10] who was buried on 23 December 1700 at St Neot.[11]


Children of Edward Hodge:[12]

i               JOHN HODGE.

ii             ELIAS HODGE of St Neot, weaver, bur 30 May 1733, St Neot;[13] m 25 Nov 1686, St Neot, MARGERY COWLE.[14]

iii            ELIZABETH HODGE, bap 20 Jun 1652, St Neot,[15] bur 29 May 1730, Golant;[16] m ca 1675, WALTER BOUND[17] (see here).

[1] Kresen Kernow, AP/H/789. Robert’s will is dated 5 Feb 1629 and the inventory after death has the same date.

[2] St Neot parish registers. The will of Robert Hodge mentions his wife “Janiver”. The marriage of “John Moone and Giniver Hodge” on 15 Nov 1628 is recorded in the St Neot parish registers but that seems to be before Robert died so it could not be a remarriage of his widow.

[3] St Neot parish registers. He may be the Zachary Hodge living at Maker in 1641/42. An inventory of the estate of a Zachary Hodge of Maker was taken in 1666 (Kresen Kernow, AP/H/1519).

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[8] The St Neot bishop’s transcripts appear to give the date as 9 Jan. The available parish registers for this period are also a transcription of the original register and give the date as 10 Jan.

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[17] See the discussion above.