The death certificate of Sarah (Green) Baldwin gives her age in April 1838 as fifty-seven. She married William Baldwin of Yeadon in November 1799. A Sally Green, daughter of William Green, was baptised on 18 Aug 1777 at Horsforth[1] but she would be implausibly old to be Sarah (Green) Baldwin as the latter had children baptised as late as 1825 and 1828.


Sarah, daughter of John Green of Yeadon, was born in November 1780, but she appears to have died young. Sally (a hypocoristic of Sarah), another daughter of John Green of Yeadon, was born in April 1782. The parish register entry for her baptism gives the mother’s name, Mary. This appears to be the Sarah Green who married William Baldwin. There is support for this identification in the death record of Mary Green who died at Kirkstall on 24 July 1839, aged “95 years”. Mary was described as the widow of John Green, a pensioner. The death was registered on 27 July 1839 and the informant was Jane Baldwin of Kirkstall who was present at the death. Kirkstall is where William and Sarah (Green) Baldwin lived in the 1830s along with some of their children, including Jane Baldwin, whose residence in Kirkstall is confirmed by the parish register entry for her marriage to James Bennett on 29 July 1839, only two days after Mary’s death was registered.


It may be noted that another Sarah Green married Jeremiah Clayton at Guiseley in 1808 but she was then aged “42”[2] and was buried in 1836 aged “71”[3] so she could not be the daughter of John Green born in 1782. She was probably the Sarah Green baptised at Guiseley in 1765, daughter of William Green of Guiseley.


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JOHN GREEN of Yeadon, Yorkshire, was born ca 1740 and buried on 18 December 1816 at Guiseley.[4] He married on 18 November 1773 at Guiseley, MARY KILLINGBECK,[5] daughter of Benjamin and Mary (Brook) Killingbeck. She was baptised on 19 November 1749 at Guiseley[6] and died on 24 July 1839 at Kirkstall.[7]


Children of John and Mary (Killingbeck) Green:

i               JOHN GREEN, bap 21 Aug 1774, Guiseley;[8] m 2 Oct 1797, Guiseley, ELIZABETH BROADBENT.[9]

ii              MARY GREEN, bap 14 May 1777, Guiseley,[10] bur 16 May 1777, Guiseley.[11]

iii             WILLIAM GREEN, b 3 Jun 1778, bap 23 Aug 1778, Guiseley.[12]

iv             SARAH GREEN, b 28 Nov 1780, bap 24 Dec 1780, Guiseley,[13] bur 26 Dec 1780, Guiseley.[14]

v              SARAH GREEN, b 7 Apr 1782, bap 19 Jun 1782, Guiseley,[15] d 16 Apr 1838, Kirkstall;[16] m 4 Nov 1799, Guiseley, WILLIAM BALDWIN[17] (see here).

vi             MARGARET GREEN, b 25 Sep 1784, bap 24 Oct 1784, Guiseley,[18] bur 15 Feb 1820, Adel;[19] m 7 Dec 1806, Adel, MATTHEW SMITH.[20]

vii            BENJAMIN GREEN of Bradford, clothier, b 26 Apr 1787, Yeadon,[21] d 3 Oct 1855;[22] m(1) 7 Mar 1817, St Peter, Leeds, ANN SMALLPAGE;[23] m(2) 21 Jun 1829, Shipley, ANN SETTLE.[24]

viii           MARTHA GREEN, b 26 Nov 1789, bap 27 Dec 1789, Guiseley,[25] bur 10 Jun 1795, Guiseley.[26]

ix             JOSEPH GREEN of Rawdon, clothier, b 14 Jul 1792, Yeadon,[27] d 18 Dec 1878;[28] m 26 Jan 1823, Bradford, ANN SHACKLETON.[29]

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