The Samuel Goodall who married Mary Staincliff in 1806 at Guiseley was evidently the one of that name baptised at South Kirkby on 8 January 1786, son of Joshua Goodall, maltster. The name Joshua was used for a son of Samuel and Mary, and a Joshua Goodall was a witness at the marriage of Thomas and Hannah (Goodall) Baldwin in 1830.


In a settlement examination of Joshua Goodall of South Kirkby, labourer, dated 7 January 1786, Joshua stated that he believed he was born at Bowling near Tong and when about eighteen hired himself for two years to Nicholas Nettleton of Rye Croft in Tong, maltster. He served Nicholas Nettleton one year at Rye Croft and about half a year afterwards went to reside at Hampole, serving by the week there for ten years and then got married.[1] The quarter session records of 12 January 1786 mention an order to remove Joshua Goodall, Sarah his wife, and Ann, James, Joshua, John and Samuel their children, from South Kirkby to Tong.[2]


The Tong records also include the apprenticeship indentures of James Goodall and Joshua Goodall, both dated 4 October 1788.[3] Another one for John Goodall is dated 26 July 1793.[4]


The Kirkstall parish registers record the burial of Joshua Goodall of Kirkstall on 12 April 1836 aged 57. This fits with the baptism of Joshua, son of Joshua Goodall, at South Kirkby on 16 April 1780. The George, son of Joshua Goodall, who was baptised at Tong in 1789, can also be traced to the Kirkstall area, where his daughter Hannah is stated to have been born around 1821.[5]


Another Samuel Goodall, whose father was also named Joshua, and whose mother was Ann (Clark) Goodall, was baptised at Cowthorpe on 11 April 1785. However, this Samuel was presumably the Samuel Goodall, innkeeper, of Market Weighton, who died on 27 April 1852 aged sixty-seven and to whom there is a monumental inscription at Cowthorpe adjacent to that of Joshua and Ann Goodall.


A Samuel, son of George Goodall, born on 31 August 1790 and baptised at St. John, Leeds, on 10 October 1790, does not appear to be the husband of Mary Staincliff as he would be only fifteen when they were married and seems to have been still living long after Mary’s husband had died.[6]


The parentage of the Joshua Goodall married in 1774 is unclear, but there was a Robert Goodall, also a maltster, who had children baptised at Tong in the 1740s and 1750s. Robert Goodall of Tong married Mary Greenwood at Bradford on 30 January 1740/41.


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1          JOSHUA GOODALL of South Kirkby and of Tong, Yorkshire, maltster, was born about 1744 at Bowling.[7] He married on 25 October 1774 at Adwick le Street, SARAH BROOK.[8]


Children of Joshua and Sarah (Brook) Goodall:

i               HANNAH GOODALL, bap 13 Feb 1776, Adwick le Street,[9] bur 13 Mar 1787, Tong.[10]

ii              JAMES GOODALL, bap 24 May 1778, South Kirkby.[11]

iii             JOSHUA GOODALL of Kirkstall, bap 16 Apr 1780, South Kirkby,[12] bur 12 Apr 1836, Kirkstall.[13]

iv             JOHN GOODALL, bap 6 Apr 1783, South Kirkby.[14]

2              v              SAMUEL GOODALL (bap 1786); m MARY STAINCLIFF.

vi             GEORGE GOODALL of Bramley, farmer, b Tong, bap 3 May 1789, Tong,[15] bur 9 Aug 1856, Barwick in Elmet;[16] m 12 Jun 1820, St. Peter, Leeds, MARIA (THOMPSON) DUCE.[17]


2          SAMUEL GOODALL of Horsforth and Kirkstall, husbandman, was baptised on 8 January 1786 at South Kirkby.[18] He married on 12 May 1806 at Guiseley, MARY STAINCLIFF,[19] daughter of Michael and Hannah (Swane) Staincliff of Horsforth (see here). Mary was born at Horsforth, baptised there on 9 March 1788 and died on 8 November 1857 at Kirkstall.


               Children of Samuel and Mary (Staincliff) Goodall:[20]

                               i              JOHN GOODALL of Horsforth, bap 1 Mar 1807, Horsforth,[21] bur 12 Apr 1835, Horsforth;[22] m(1) 27 Jan 1828, St. Peter, Leeds, MARY (          ) BAXTER;[23] m(2) 14 Nov 1831, Guiseley, MARY WHITAKER.[24]

                               ii             SARAH GOODALL, bap 20 Aug 1809, Horsforth,[25] d 8 Feb 1826.[26]

                               iii            HANNAH GOODALL, bap 10 Nov 1811, Horsforth,[27] d 15 Oct 1842, Kirkstall;[28] m 20 Sep 1830, St. Peter, Leeds, THOMAS BALDWIN[29] (see here).

                               iv            ELIZABETH GOODALL, b 4 Jan 1814, d 20 Jun 1826.[30]

                               v             JAMES GOODALL of Kirkstall, whitesmith, b 30 Nov 1815, Kirkstall,[31] bur 29 May 1853, Headingley;[32] m 26 Dec 1836, St. Peter, Leeds, SARAH HEBDEN.[33]

                               vi            JOSHUA GOODALL of Kirkstall and Headingley, tailor, b 4 Mar 1818, Kirkstall,[34] d 24 Nov 1891, Headingley;[35] m(1) 20 May 1839, St. Peter, Leeds, MARIA HAISTE;[36] m(2) 20 Dec 1846, St. George, Leeds, ANN (SCOTT) BOOTH.[37]

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