The father of Ann (Crowther) Greenwood is identified in the 1816 administration record of John Crowther of Halifax, stone mason. The parties were James Greenwood of Leeds, weaver, Isaac Crowther of Stockport, yeoman, and James Haigh Crowther of Stockport, cotton manufacturer. Administration was granted to Ann, wife of James Greenwood and daughter of John Crowther. The record states that John Crowther died on 9 January 1807 and he seems to be the John Crowther of Northowram who was buried at Sowerby on 25 January 1807, aged fifty-nine.


The burial entry for Ann shows that she was born about 1774 and at the time of her marriage to James Greenwood, she was stated to be of Sowerby. It therefore appears that she was the Ann, daughter of John Crowther of Sowerby, who was baptised at Ripponden in 1774. The surname Crowther was very common in the area, with many cases of multiple individuals with the same name living at the same time. The probate documents for John Crowther (as mentioned above) and Ely Crowther of Stockport (will proved 1803) shed some light on this family, although the available information is still fragmentary. The will of Ely Crowther mentions his wife Ann; brother John Crowther; sister Mary Welch, wife of Samuel Welch of Sowerby; sister Sarah Welch, wife of John Welch of Warley; and nephews Ely Crowther and James Crowther of Stcokport. These nephews would be James Haigh Crowther (born 1792) and Ely Crowther (born 1794), sons of Isaac and Sarah Crowther.


The residence given in the Halifax banns register for Isaac Crowther in 1786 is Shaws Clough, which is also the residence given at the burial of John Crowther in 1777, supporting the identification of the latter as the John who was the father of Isaac and his siblings. The occupier of Shaws Clough is listed in land tax records as “Sar Crowther” in 1782 and as “Widw Crowther” in 1788, indicating that John’s widow was named Sarah.[1] They appear to be the John Crowther and Sarah Holden of Sowerby, spinster, who were married at Halifax on 3 June 1738. This is corroborated by the 1769 marriage entry for Samuel and Mary (Crowther) Walsh, where one of the witnesses is Daniel Holden.


As for the younger John Crowther (1747-1807), his probate record indicates that his widow died between 1807 and 1816, but unfortunately it does not give her name. One possible marriage is John Crowther, weaver, and Sarah Simpson, spinster, both of Sowerby, at Halifax on 22 December 1770. One of the witnesses was Joshua Tattersall, and Joshua Tattersall married Susey Simpson of Barkisland at Elland in 1769. This suggests that Sarah was the one baptised at Ripponden on 19 February 1750/51, daughter of John Simpson of Barkisland.


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1          JOHN CROWTHER of Shaws Clough, Sowerby, Yorkshire, weaver, was born ca 1707 and buried on 3 June 1777 at Sowerby.[2] He married on 3 June 1738 at Halifax, SARAH HOLDEN,[3] daughter of Daniel Holden. She was baptised on 18 January 1718/19 at Ripponden[4] and buried on 14 June 1797 at Sowerby.[5]


Children of John and Sarah (Holden) Crowther:

i               MARY CROWTHER, bap 25 Jul 1739, Sowerby,[6] bur 13 Jul 1803, Sowerby;[7] m 9 Aug 1769, Halifax, SAMUEL WALSH.[8]

ii              SARAH CROWTHER; m JOHN WELCH.[9]

2              iii             JOHN CROWTHER (1747-1807).

iv             ELY CROWTHER of Stockport, wool comber, bap 18 Sep 1749, Sowerby,[10] d May 1803;[11] m 3 Mar 1778, Manchester, ANN FOUND.[12]

v              ISAAC CROWTHER of Sowerby and Stockport, painter, bap 29 Aug 1756, Sowerby,[13] bur 10 Mar 1836, Stockport;[14] m 16 May 1786, Halifax, SARAH HAIGH.[15]


2          JOHN CROWTHER of Sowerby, stone mason, was baptised on 8 June 1747 at Sowerby,[16] died on 9 January 1807,[17] and was buried on 25 January 1807 at Sowerby.[18]


Children of John Crowther:

i               SUSY CROWTHER, bap 17 Feb 1771, Ripponden.[19]

ii              DANIEL CROWTHER, bap 13 Mar 1772, Ripponden.[20]

iii             ANN CROWTHER, bap 13 Nov 1774, Ripponden,[21] bur 7 Oct 1834, St Mary, Leeds;[22] m 4 Jan 1796, Halifax, JAMES GREENWOOD[23] (see here).

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