John Sawyers and Hannah Carlile were married in 1784 at St Cuthbert, Carlisle. Their marriage entry in the parish register states that Hannah was a minor and had the consent of her father Joseph Carlile.[1] Hannah, daughter of Joseph Carlile of Blackwell Wood was baptised at St Cuthbert in 1764.[2] Joseph Carlile and Mary Robinson, widow, were married at St Cuthbert in 1761.[3]


John Robinson of Blackhall Wood was buried on 24 September 1760.[4] His will, dated 17 September 1760 and proved on 25 October 1760, mentions his son William (an infant), daughter Mary, and wife Mary. Johnís wife was to be guardian to the children as long as she remained a widow. If she remarried, then Robert Longrigg of Low Burnthwaite and John Bewley of Raughton were to be tutors and guardians to Thomasís children. Two of the witnesses to the will were Thomas Carlile and Joseph Carlile. The probate documents give the ages of the children as nine years or thereabouts for Mary and one year or thereabouts for William.[5] In January 1762, it was stated that John Robinsonís widow Mary had married Joseph Carlile and the guardianship of the children was passed to John Bewley and Robert Longrigg.[6]


Two possible baptisms for Joseph Carlile are in 1728 at Great Orton, son of Thomas and Anne, and in 1737 at St Mary, Carlisle, son of Thomas. The Joseph baptised in 1737 appears to have died as a bachelor in 1781,[7] so the 1728 baptism at Great Orton seems the most likely candidate for the husband of Mary (Bewley) Robinson. The parents may be the Thomas Carlile and Anne Bewley married at Dalston in 1724 or the Thomas Carlile of Cummersdale and Anne Blaine of Orton who were married at Great Orton in 1709, but there are reasons to doubt that either of those couples was the one in question. The Thomas who married Anne Blaine may be the one of Newby, Carlisle, whose will dated 1741 mentions his wife Anne and daughter Mary Tiffin but no other children. One of the men who took the inventory was a Joseph Blane.[8] Thomas and Anne (Bewley) Carlile may be the ones whose wills were written in 1726[9] and 1733[10] and which do not indicate that they had any children together.


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JOSEPH CARLILE of Blackhall Wood, Carlisle, Cumberland, yeoman, married on 11 October 1761 at St Cuthbert, Carlisle, MARY (BEWLEY) ROBINSON,[11] widow of John Robinson and daughter of John and Ann (Graham) Bewley (see here). Mary was baptised on 6 April 1727 at Dalston.


Children of Joseph and Mary (Bewley) (Robinson) Carlile:

i†††††††††††††† JANE CARLILE, bap 6 Sep 1762, St Cuthbert, Carlisle.[12]

ii††††††††††††† HANNAH CARLILE, bap 19 Sep 1764, St Cuthbert, Carlisle;[13] m 8 Mar 1784, St. Cuthbert, Carlisle, JOHN SAWYERS[14] (see here).

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