Henry Daniel or Daniels (1757-1831) married Lydia Brereton at Cheadle in 1778. A search for Lydia’s baptism reveals an entry for Lydia, daughter of Ralph and Sarah Bruerton of Poynton, in 1756,[1] which would fit well chronologically. However, Lydia, daughter of Ralph Brereton of Poynton, was buried at Prestbury in 1757,[2] which appears to eliminate the possibility that this baptism relates to Henry’s wife. The only other baptism found which seems plausible is that of Lydia, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Brereton of Poynton, at Poynton in January 1744/45. This would make her around twelve years older than her husband Henry Daniels which would be unusual but is consistent with the baptisms of their children as their youngest known child, baptised in January 1790, would have been born probably when Lydia was forty-four or forty-five, within normal limits of childbearing age. Moreover, there is a burial entry in the Stockport registers for “Lydia wife of Thomas Daniel” on 6 May 1819 aged seventy-four years. This would fit perfectly with the age of the Lydia baptised in January 1744/45. The husband’s name given in the burial entry (Thomas rather than Henry) is a problem. However, the residence is given as Bosden, which is where Henry lived, and no other Lydia Daniel has been found to whom the burial entry is likely to refer. There was in fact a Thomas Daniel of Poynton, wheelwright, who married Lydia Royle at Prestbury in 1773. However, their marriage allegation states that Lydia was then “aged eighteen Years and upwards, and a Spinster and Minor” and that her father John Royle consented to the marriage.[3] She therefore could not have been aged seventy-four in 1819 and was more probably the Lydia Daniel, widow, of Torkington, who was buried at Stockport in 1802.[4]


There are many references to earlier Breretons of Poynton. The John Brereton who heads the account below may be the John Bruerton of Poynton, yeoman, who was granted administration of the estate of his father John Bruerton of Poynton, yeoman, in 1711.[5] One unusually-phrased entry in the Pott Shrigley parish registers is for the baptism in 1724 of “Charles Son of John Brereton’s Sister of Poynton”. This may be the same individual as Charles, illegitimate son of Mary Brereton of Bramhall, who was buried at Stockport in 1739.


Ruth Margaret (Daniels) Davies, a descendant of Henry and Lydia (Brereton) Daniels, has DNA matches with descendants of some other Breretons in the Stockport area. One match, of 9 cM, is with a great-great-granddaughter of Hannah (Brereton) Hallworth. Hannah was born at Bosden and seems to have been a daughter of John Brereton (and Betty Ball), son of John Brereton (and Esther Bradley), son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Haughton) Brereton. Ruth also has a 9 cM match with a descendant of Fanny Brereton who married Joshua Broom at Stockport in 1769. It appears from her 1836 burial record that Fanny was born about 1743 but no baptism record has yet been found for her. From the chronology, it seems reasonable to expect that Thomas and Elizabeth had more children than just Lydia and John listed below, and Fanny would fit well in their family. It may be noted that the name Fanny was given to a daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth’s son John Brereton. However, further evidence would be needed to confirm the parentage of Fanny (Brereton) Broom.


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1          JOHN BRERETON of Poynton, Cheshire, husbandman, was buried on 4 May 1743 at Prestbury.[6] He married first, LYDIA, who was buried on 31 January 1723/24 at Prestbury.[7] He married second, on 4 February 1724/25 at Prestbury, MARY DEAN,[8] who was buried on 26 September 1741 at Prestbury.[9] He married third, on 7 October 1742 at Poynton, SARAH HEAMOND.[10]


Children of John and Lydia Brereton:

i               JOHN BRERETON, bap 12 Sep 1708, Pott Shrigley.[11]

ii             ELIZABETH BRERETON, bap 9 Jul 1710, Pott Shrigley.[12]

iii            RALPH BRERETON of Poynton, cordwainer,[13] bap 12 Apr 1713, Pott Shrigley,[14] d 24 Jun 1774;[15] m HANNAH.[16]

iv            LYDIA BRERETON, bap 15 May 1715, Pott Shrigley,[17] bur 10 Oct 1771, Prestbury.[18]

2              v              THOMAS BRERETON (1717-1765); m ELIZABETH HAUGHTON.

vi            DOROTHY BRERETON, bap 16 Jan 1720/21, Pott Shrigley,[19] bur 19 Jun 1782, Prestbury;[20] m 21 May 1745, Prestbury, THOMAS PIMBLOT.[21]

vii           WILLIAM BRERETON, bap 9 Nov 1723, Pott Shrigley.[22]


Child of John and Mary (Dean) Brereton:[23]

viii          BENJAMIN BRERETON of Romiley, cordwainer,[24] b ca 1726, bur 19 May 1803, Hatherlow;[25] m(1) 1 Jan 1748/49, Stockport, ELIZABETH SMITH;[26] m(2) 5 Sep 1783, Stockport, SARAH (          ) HIBBERT.[27]


2          THOMAS BRERETON of Poynton, husbandman, was baptised on 20 May 1717 at Pott Shrigley[28] and buried on 31 March 1765 at Prestbury.[29] He married on 31 January 1741/42 at Manchester, ELIZABETH HAUGHTON,[30] who was buried on 4 January 1776 at Prestbury.[31]


Children of Thomas and Elizabeth (Haughton) Brereton:

i               LYDIA BRERETON, bap 9 Jan 1744/45, Poynton,[32] bur 6 May 1819, Stockport;[33] m 24 Mar 1778, Cheadle, HENRY DANIELS[34] (see here).

ii             JOHN BRERETON of Poynton, collier, bap 25 Jun 1749, Poynton;[35] m 19 Apr 1772, Prestbury, ESTHER BRADLEY.[36]

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