A connection of the Wills family of Talland with Lostwithiel is shown by a settlement certificate of 1684 in which the representatives of Lostwithiel are requested to take Francis Wills of Talland, cooper, as an inhabitant.[1]


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1††††††††† ††††††††† WILLS.


Children of ††††††††††Wills:

2††††††††††††† i†††††††††††††† FRANCIS WILLS (d ca 1606); m JOAN.

ii†††††††††††† WILLIAM WILLS of Talland, Cornwall, d ca 1642;[2] m ALICE.[3]

iii††††††††††† MARY WILLS; m ††††††††††ESCOTT.[4]

iv††††††††††† MARGARET WILLS.[5]


2††††††††† FRANCIS WILLS of Talland died ca 1606.[6] He married JOAN.[7]


Children of Francis and Joan Wills:

3††††††††††††† i†††††††††††††† WILLIAM WILLS (ca 1602-1681); m MARTHA POPE.

ii†††††††††††† THOMASINE WILLS.

iii††††††††††† GRACE WILLS.[8]


3††††††††† WILLIAM WILLS of Talland, yeoman, was born ca 1602[9] and buried on 7 November 1681 at Talland.[10] He married MARTHA POPE, daughter of Henry and Annis (Code) Pope.[11]


Children of William and Martha (Pope) Wills:

4††††††††††††† i†††††††††††††† FRANCIS WILLS (b ca 1625); m EPIPHANY.

ii†††††††††††† WILLIAM WILLS of Landrake, yeoman, b ca 1627,[12] bur 31 Dec 1692, Landrake;[13] m(1) 6 Jul 1648, Landrake, DOROTHY RAWE;[14] m(2) 20 Jul 1658, Landrake, ALICE HIPSLY.[15]

iii††††††††††† MARTHA WILLS, bur 23 Oct 1693, Talland;[16] m(1) ††††††††††POPE; m(2) 11 Nov 1660, Talland, JOHN VYAN.[17]


4††††††††† FRANCIS WILLS of Talland, cooper, was born ca 1625.[18] He married EPIPHANY.[19]


Children of Francis and Epiphany Wills:[20]

i†††††††††††††† PETER WILLS, b 14 Oct 1658, Talland.[21]

ii†††††††††††† WILLIAM WILLS.[22]

ii†††††††††††† MARTHA WILLS.[23]

5††††††††††††† iii††††††††††† FRANCIS WILLS (1676-1732); m ELIZABETH.

v††††††††††††† MARTHA WILLS, bap 6 Apr 1676, Talland.[24]


5††††††††† FRANCIS WILLS of Lostwithiel was baptised on 6 April 1676 at Talland[25] and buried on 26 April 1732 at Lostwithiel.[26] He married on 17 April 1704 at Lostwithiel, ELIZABETH.[27] She was buried on 15 December 1744 at Lostwithiel.[28]


Child of Francis and Elizabeth Wills:

i†††††††††††††† EPIPHANY WILLS, bap 17 Apr 1705, Lostwithiel,[29] d 23 Dec 1775,[30] bur 26 Dec 1775, Boconnoc;[31] m 27 Jul 1730, Lanlivery, ANDREW BRIANT[32] (see here).

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