One of the witnesses at the marriage of James and Susanna (Newsome) Benn was John Thackrah, and the Batley parish registers record the marriage of John Thackrah and Mary Benn in 1766, when one of the witnesses was a James Benn. The detailed baptism records of John and Maryís children show that Mary was a daughter of William Benn. The Batley parish registers also show the baptisms of James Benn in 1745 and Mary Benn in 1747/48, children of William Benn, clothier, of Gildersome. William Benn and Sarah Walsh had been married at Batley in 1745. These records suggest the possibility that Susanna (Benn) Newsome was a daughter of William and Sarah (Walsh) Benn. However, no baptism has been located for Susanna.


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JAMES NEWSOME of Gildersome, Yorkshire, clothier, married on 16 May 1770 at Batley, SUSANNA BENN.[1]


Children of James and Susanna (Benn) Newsome:

††††††††††††††† i†††††††††††††† SARAH NEWSOME, b 12 Sep 1770, Gildersome,[2] d 9 Dec 1864, Gildersome;[3] m 18 Aug 1791, Batley, MATTHEW STEPHENSON[4] (see here).

††††††††††††††† ii††††††††††††† JOHN NEWSOME[5] of Gildersome, clothier, b ca 1781, Gildersome;[6] m 28 Sep 1801, Birstall, HANNAH DODGSON.[7]

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