Gerrance Hayne, or Heane as the name is sometimes spelt, is described as a nephew of John Jewell of Tintagel in a 1620 administration grant.[1] Gerrance’s will mentions his brother Henry Hayne, and the 1614 marriage entry for Henry Hayne and Mary Stoute gives the bridegroom’s father as John Hayne.


John Heane was made an overseer in the will of William Davy of Tintagel in 1609, and “John Juell and John Hayine” took the inventory.[2] One of the witnesses to the will was Gerrance Davy who was vicar of Tintagel[3] and who may be the source of the name Gerrance in the Hayne family. John Heane was also appointed an overseer by Antony Cornew[4] and Gerrance Heane was a party in the administration of Robert Tinke.[5] Both Antony and Robert had connections with the Davy family.


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1          JOHN HAYNE.


Children of John Hayne:

2              i               GERRANCE HAYNE (d ca 1657); m JOAN PIPER.

ii              HENRY HAYNE, bur 2 Apr 1665, Tintagel, Cornwall;[6] m 12 May 1614, Tintagel, MARY STOUTE.[7]


2          GERRANCE HAYNE of Tintagel, yeoman, died ca 1657.[8] He married on 19 November 1612 at Tintagel, JOAN PIPER.[9]


Children of Gerrance and Joan (Piper) Hayne:

i               RICHARD HAYNE of Tintagel, yeoman, bur 7 Oct 1682, Tintagel.[10]

ii              ROGER HAYNE.

iii             LEONARD HAYNE.

iv             JOHN HAYNE.[11]

v              JANE HAYNE; m 31 Jan 1648/49 at Marhamchurch, THOMAS UGLOW[12] (see here).

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[12] Thomas Taylor, ed., Cornwall Parish Registers: Marriages, vol. 23 (London, 1914), 6, transcribes Jane’s surname as “Payne”, but the will of Thomas Uglow mentions his “brother in lawe Richard Heaine”. The 1656 will of Gerrance Hayne leaves “unto Jane Hayne my daughter tenn shillings And unto Thomas Uaglo my grandchilde fower poundes”. It seems clear from the inclusion of the grandchild that the daughter Jane was the same individual who married Thomas Uglow at Marhamchurch, although the registered copy of the will refers to her as “Jane Hayne” rather than by her husband’s surname. The identification is supported by strong onomastic evidence as the unusual name Gerrance was given to a son of Thomas and Jane. It can also be seen that one of the men who took the inventory of the estate of Richard Hayne of Tintagel in 1682 was a Thomas Uglow.