Jemima Cook and John Turner were married at Silkstone in 1770 and when Jemima was buried in February 1832, her age was given as eighty-one, suggesting a birth around 1750. It therefore seems clear that she was the Jemima daughter of Steward Cooke of Bretton whose baptism on 25 December 1750 is recorded in the Silkstone registers. The baptisms at Bretton chapel of two other children of Steward or Stewart Cook in 1753 and 1755 are recorded in the Silkstone registers.


Slightly earlier, in 1744, the parish registers of Sandal Magna record the baptism of Edward Cook, son of Steward Cook, “Brickmaker[,] a Stranger at Bretton”, indicating that Steward was not from that area.


The will of John Cooke of Lane Delph, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, written in 1741/42, names a son Steward Cooke.[1] There are good reasons to think that this is the Steward Cook whose daughter Jemima was baptised at Bretton in 1750. The grant of administration of John’s estate gives his occupation as brickmaker, the same as Steward Cook of Bretton. John’s son Joseph is also described therein as a brickmaker and, later, a Staffordshire directory of 1818 shows an Obadiah Cook of Lane Delph, brick maker, along with others of the same surname and occupation in the area.[2] The onomastic evidence for the family link between Lane Delph and Bretton is very strong. The forename Steward was rare enough that no other obvious candidate baptisms for Steward Cook of Bretton have been found. Moreover, the will of John Cooke of Lane Delph shows that he had children with the unusual names of Jemima, Obadiah and Nathaniel. Steward Cook of Bretton of course had a daughter called Jemima. An Obadiah Cooke was buried at Bretton in 1754 and a Nathaniel Cooke in 1777.


The exact details of the marriages of Steward Cook are unclear. He married on 5 March 1737/38 at Wolstanton, Mary Rhodes. The parish registers of Harewood record the baptism of “Susanah Daughter of Steward Cook of Lofthouse Brickmr: & Hanah his Wife” on 11 July 1749. The occupation supports this being Steward Cook of Bretton. However, no plausible marriage has yet been found between a Steward Cook and a Hannah, making it difficult to confirm whether Steward had married Hannah between 1747 (when Mary is named as the mother in the baptism entry for Steward’s daughter Hannah) and 1749, or whether the name Hannah was just a mistake in the Harewood register. Steward married, on 12 March 1764 at Sandal Magna, Elizabeth White. This marriage is obviously later than the baptisms of Jemima (Cook) Turner and her known siblings. A final note on the marriages of Steward is that a “Mary Wife of Stuard Cook of Hawksworth” was buried on 1 June 1770 at Guiseley. It is not clear whether this entry is relevant to the family of Steward Cook of Bretton.


There was a John, son of John Cooke and Ellin, baptised at Stoke-on-Trent on 30 September 1669, and a John, son of William Cooke and Ann, baptised on 25 June 1678 at Stoke-on-Trent.


One source not yet checked for this family is “The Stoke-upon-Trent Parish Listing, 1701” in Collections For a History of Staffordshire, fourth series, volume sixteen (1994).


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1          JOHN COOK of Lane Delph, Staffordshire, brickmaker, died in 1742.[3] He married ELLEN, who also died in 1742.[4]


Children of John and Ellen Cook:

                                i               ELIZABETH COOK, b 7 Feb 1704/05, bap 13 Feb 1704/05, Stoke-on-Trent.[5]

                                ii              JOSEPH COOK of Stoke-on-Trent, brickmaker, b 15 Feb 1705/06, bap 24 Feb 1705/06, Stoke-on-Trent.[6]

                2              iii             STEWARD COOK (1710-1788); m MARY RHODES; m ELIZABETH WHITE.

                                iv             DINAH or DIANA COOK, bap 9 Jan 1711/12, Stoke-on-Trent;[7] m 6 Feb 1737/38, Stoke-on-Trent, WILLIAM BARKER.[8]

                                v              OBADIAH COOK, bap 12 Feb 1715/16, Stoke-on-Trent.[9]

                                vi             NATHANIEL COOK, bap 6 Nov 1720, Stoke-on-Trent.[10]

                                vii            OBADIAH COOK, bap 11 Feb 1722/23, Stoke-on-Trent.[11]

                                viii           JONATHAN COOK, bap 30 May 1725, Stoke-on-Trent.[12]

                                ix             JEMIMA COOK; m 26 Nov 1732, Stoke-on-Trent, HENRY MEIR.[13]


2          STEWARD COOK of Lane Delph, Staffordshire, and of Bretton, Yorkshire, brickmaker, was baptised on 9 July 1710 at Blithfield[14] and buried on 4 May 1788 in Woolley with West Bretton.[15] Steward married first, on 5 March 1737/38 at Wolstanton, MARY RHODES.[16] Mary was born ca 1710.[17] Steward married, as his second or later wife, on 12 March 1764 at Sandal Magna, ELIZABETH WHITE.[18]


Children of Steward and Mary (Rhodes) Cook:

                i               DINAH COOK, bap 1 Sep 1742, Stoke on Trent.[19]

                ii              EDWARD COOK of Silkstone, brickmaker, bap 27 Oct 1744, Sandal Magna;[20] m 1 Nov 1764, Darton, ELIZABETH JOHNSON.[21]

                iii             HANNAH COOK, bap 25 May 1747, Stoke on Trent.[22]


Children of Steward Cook:

                iv             SUSANNAH COOK, bap 11 Jul 1749, Harewood.[23]

                v              JEMIMA COOK, bap 25 Dec 1750, Bretton,[24] bur 29 Feb 1832, Silkstone;[25] m 17 Apr 1770, Silkstone, JOHN TURNER[26] (see here).

                vi             JOHN COOK, bap 24 Aug 1753, Bretton.[27]

                vii            ELIZABETH COOK, bap 26 Oct 1755, Bretton;[28] m 12 Feb 1776, Silkstone, JOHN WEBSTER.[29]

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