John Dickinson (c1812-1873)


1841 census




John Dickinson  25  Woolen Handle Setter   Y

Mary Ann  do    25                         Y [sic]

John      do     8                         Y

Elizabeth do     6                         Y

Sarah     do     4                         Y

George    do     2                         Y

James     do    7mths                      Y


1851 census


Whitehall Road, Wortley


John Dickinson  Head  Mar  38  Woollen cloth dresser       Leeds

Mary A.   do    Wife  Mar  38                              Wiltshire, Trowbridge

John      do     Son   U   18  Woollen cloth dresser       Leeds

Elizabeth do     Dau       16  Flax reeler                  do

Sarah A.  do      do       14  Flax sorter                  do

George    do     Son       12  Woollen cloth dresser       Holbeck

James     do      do       10     do     do     do          do

Emma      do     Dau        8  Scholar                      do


1861 census


22 Fourth Court, Holbeck


John Dickinson    Head  Mar  48  Handle setter (woollen mill)   Leeds

Mary Ann  do      Wife  Mar  48                                 Wiltshire, Trowbridge

George    do       Son   Un  22  Handle setter (woollen mill)   Holbeck

James     do       Son   Un  20  Woollen cloth dresser            do

Emma      do       Dau   Un  18  Woollen cap maker                do

Thomas Atkinson  Grandson     5  Scholar                          do


1871 census


4 Braithwaite Street, Holbeck


John Dickinson      Head    Mar  58  Handle Setter     Leeds, Yorkshire

Mary A. Dickinson   Wife    Mar  58                    Trobridg, Wiltshire

John Atkinson     Grandson  Unm  15  Woollen Mull Lad  Holbeck, Yorkshire


Death certificate


Death in the district of Holbeck in the County of York.

When and where died:

Twenty first March 1873

Braithwaite Street


Name and surname:

John Dickinson




60 years


Handle Setter

Cause of death:



Signature, description and residence of informant:

H Dickinson

Present at death

Ramsden Street


When registered:

Twenty first March 1873