Grace Stephenson (1805-1862)

1851 census returns

Near Royds, Beeston [HO 107/2317, f106]

John Stephenson      Head      Mar  44  Cloth Dresser   Gildersome
Hannah     do        Wife      Mar  40                  Farnley
Sarah Ann  do        Daur           11  Scholar         New Wortley
William    do        Son             8    do                do

Thomas     do        do              5    do                do
John       do        do              3    do                do
Emma       do       
Daur            1                      do
Grace Atinson [sic]  Relation  Mar  47                  Gildersome

1861 census returns

3 Atkinson Street, Wortley

Grace Atkinson   Head  Mar  54  Mangle woman   Gildersome

Death certificate


Death in the Sub-district of Wortley in the County of York.

When and where died:

Sixth November 1862

Kilburn Street

New Wortley

Name and surname:

Grace Atkinson




57 years


Wife of Randal Atkinson

Handle Setter

Cause of death:

Visceral Disease


Signature, description and residence of informant:

X The Mark of James Gledhill

Present at Death

Kilburn Street

New Wortley

When registered:

Sixth November 1862