Lewis Stribley (d 1689)




In the name of God Amen I Lewis Stribley of the pish of St Wenn in the County of Cornwall Yeoman being Sick of body but of Sound & pfect mind and memory (praised be God for it) Doe make & ordaine this my last will & Testament in manner & forme following


First I bequeath my Soul to Almighty God my Maker hoping through the Meritts of Jesus Christ my Redeemer to enjoy everlasting life with him in the Kingdom of heaven after this mortall life is ended, and my body to Christian burial


Item I give to the poore of the pish of St Wenn the Sum of tenn shillings to bee paid by my Execr heerafter named wthin one yeare after my decease


Item I give to my sonnes Henry & Thomas & my daughters Charity Mary & Susan to each of them the sum of thirty pounds to bee paid unto each of them when they shall respectively attaine to the age of twenty yeares


Item I give to my daughter Frances the sum tenn pounds to bee likewise paid to her when shee shall attaine to the age of twenty yeares, provided that if any or either of my said sonnes & daughters happen to dye before hee shee or they attaine to the age of twenty yeares then my will is that such legacy or legacyes as are given to him her or them, shall bee paid to & equally devided amongst my Surviving Children that shall attaine to the age of twenty yeares pvided likewise that my daughter Frances deliver up unto my Execr a bond or penal bill of tenn pounds for payment of five pounds to bee by him cancelled wch I formerly sealed & delivered to her, otherwise her legacy not to be paid. All my goods and Chattles I give to my sonne William Stribley whome I make the sole Execr of this my Last will & testament And in testimony thereof have hereunto put my hand & seale the thirteenth day of July 1689

                                                                    Lewis Stribley

Signed sealed & published in prsence of

John Mapowder        Thomas Wolrige