Samuel Symons (1827-1886)


1841 census returns


Werrington [HO107/259]

(with William Prout  55  Farmer   N)


Samuel Symons  14  Ag lab   Y


1851 census returns


Yeolmbridge Village [HO107/1899, f251]


William Symons    Head  Mar   50    Stone Masons Lab    Cornwall Launceston

Sarah     do      Wife  Mar   48                           do    Boyton

Samuel    do      Son   U     23    Stone Masons Lab    Devon Werrington

William   do      Son   U     20     do    do           do       do

Ann       do      Daur  U     17    Serv                 do       do

Grace     do      Daur         5    Scholar              do       do


Marriage certificate


Marriage solemnized at the Wesleyan Association Chapel, Russell Street, Tavistock, in the District of Tavistock in the County of Devon.

When married:

Seventh May 1860

Name and surname:

Samuel Symons               Jane Pearce


32                          33


Bachelor                    Spinster

Rank or profession:


Residence at the time of marriage:

Canna Park                  Willistrew

St. Stephens by             in the parish of

Launceston                  Lamerton

Father’s name and surname:

William Symons              Henry Pearce

Rank or profession of father:

Farm Labourer               Hind


Witnesses: John Friend, Susanna Symons


1861 census returns


Calvanna Park, St. Stephens by Launceston [RG9/1519 f96]


Samuel Symons    Head          Mar  33  Farm Bailif of 300 acres employing   Werrington

                                        9 labourers (For R Dingley Esqr)

Jane     Do      Wife          Mar  34                                       Northcott Hamlet

William  Do      Father        Widr 61  Farm lab                             Werrington

John     Do  Brother & Lodger  Un   20  Farm lab                             Werrington


1871 census returns


Lower Truscott Farm, Saint Stephen's, Launceston


Samuel Symons   Head  43   Bailiff        Werrington

Jane Symons     Wife  41                  Northcott Hamlet

Jane Symons      Dau   8   Scholar        St Stephens

Mary Symons      Dau   4                  St Stephens

Bessie Symons    Dau   1                  St Stephens

William Abbott   Svt  23   Servant

Thomas Abbott    Svt  21   Servant

Eliza Lockyear   Svt  18   Servant


1881 census returns


Lower Truscott, St Stephen by Launceston [RG11/2276 f99]


Samuel SYMONS  Head    M 53  Farmer 800 Acres Employing      Werrington, Devon

                             17 Servt And 4 Boys

Jane SYMONS    Wife    M 54  Farmers Wife                    Northcott Hamlet, Devon

Jane SYMONS    Dau     U 18  Farmers Daughter               St Stephens, Cornwall

Mary SYMONS    Dau     U 14  Scholar                         St Stephens, Cornwall

Bessie SYMONS  Dau     U 11  Scholar                        St Stephens, Cornwall

Richard PROUT  Servant U 40  Farm Servant (In Door)          Werrington, Devon




This is the last Will and Testament of me Samuel Symons, of Truscott in the parish of Saint Stephens in the County of Cornwall Farmer. I Give devise and bequeath all my real and personal estate whatsoever and wheresoever unto William Orchard of Trethorne in the parish of Saint Thomas the Apostle and John Bray of Truscott in the said parish of Saint Stephens their executors administrators and assigns Upon Trust that they or the survivor of them or their or his assigns (hereinafter called my Trustees”) shall in their own absolute discretion either carry on my said Farm or realise the same at once[.] in case my Trustees shall carry on my said Farm I direct that the net profits shall be applied towards the maintenance of my Wife and children but in case my Trustees shall not carry on my said Farm or when they shall give the same up at any future time then they shall hold all my real and personal estate Upon Trust after payment of my just debts funeral and Testamentary expenses to hand over Fifty pounds worth of my household Furniture to my dear wife Jane Symons such selection to be made by my said wife and then Upon Trust to pay my said Wife the sum of Four hundred pounds for her own absolute use and benefit and then Upon Trust to divide the remainder equally between my three daughters as Tenants in common and not as joint Tenants and I appoint the said William Orchard and John Bray, Executors of this my Will As Witness my hand this 24th day of May 1886.


Samuel Symons.


Signed by the said Samuel Symons as his last Will and Testament in the presence of us who in his presence at his request and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as Witnesses.


Geo. Graham White, Junr Solr Launceston.

John Bray Truscott, Farmer St Stephens.


Proved at Bodmin the 26th day of June 1886 by the oaths of William Orchard and John Bray the Executors to whom administration was granted.


The Testator Samuel Symons was late of Truscott in the parish of Saint Stephens by Launceston in the County of Cornwall Farmer and died on the 1st day of June 1886 at Truscott aforesaid.


Gross Personal Estate  £1304”14”3

Net Personal Estate     £973”16”7


Extracted by White Dingley & White Solrs Launceston Cornwall.


I hereby certify that the foregoing is a true copy compared and examined with the Original this 26th day of June 1886.