JOHN TURNER (ca 1800-1897)




1841 census


North Street, Wetherby


George Turner      60  Gardiner      Yes

Grace Turner       65                Yes

John Turner        40                Yes

Hannah Turner       9                Yes


Charles Clift      30  Groom         Yes

Hannah Clift       25                Yes


1851 census


High Street, Wetherby


George Turner   Head   Wid  74  Gardener               Yorkshire, Bretton

Jane Turner      Dau     U  50  Gardener’s daughter    Yorkshire, Wetherby

Sarah Turner   Niece     U  31  House servant          Yorkshire, Haigh


Note: The name “Jane” appears to be “John” which has been altered.


Marriage certificate


Marriage solemnized at Wetherby in the Parish of Spofforth in the County of York.

When married:

Nov 30th 1851

Name and surname:

John Turner                 Sarah Turner


of full age                 of full age


Bachelor                    Spinster

Rank or profession:


Residence at the time of marriage:

Wetherby                    Wetherby

Father’s name and surname:

George Turner               Peter Turner

Rank or profession of father:

Gardener                    Labourer


Witnesses: Charles Clift, Hannah Clift


1861 census


North Street, Wetherby


John Turner        Head  M 60      Gardener (market)  Yorks. Leeds

Sarah Turner       Wife  M 42      Shopkeeper         Yorks. Hough

Jemima A. Turner    Dau    13      Scholar            Yorks. Wetherby

Henry Turner        Son     8      Scholar            Yorks. Wetherby

Sarah Jane Turner   Dau     5      Scholar            Yorks. Wetherby

John Thomas Turner  Son    11 mths                    Yorks. Wetherby


1871 census


North Street, Wetherby


John Turner       Head M 70   Gardener & seedsman     Yorkshire, Leeds

Sarah Turner      Wife M 51                           Yorkshire, Darton

Henry Turner       Son U 18   Pupil teacher           Yorkshire, Wetherby

Sarah Jane Turner  Dau U 15                           Yorkshire, Wetherby

John T. Turner     Son   10   Scholar                 Yorkshire, Wetherby

Charles E. Turner  Son    7   Scholar                 Yorkshire, Wetherby


1881 census


North Street, Wetherby [RG11/4329 f54]


John Turner           Head  M  81  Grocer & seedsman   Yorkshire, Wetherby

Sarah Turner          Wife  M  61                      Yorkshire, Haigh

Sarah J. Turner        Dau  U  25                      Yorkshire, Wetherby

John T. Turner         Son  U  20  Florist             Yorkshire, Wetherby

Jane Turner         Gd dau      8  Scholar             Yorkshire, Meltham

Jemima Turner   Sis-in-law  U  49                      Yorkshire, Haigh


1891 census


North End, Wetherby


John Turner        Head  M  91  Grocer & gardener       Yorkshire, Wetherby

Sarah Turner       Wife  M  71  Grocer                  Yorkshire, Darton

Sarah Jane Turner   Dau  S  35  Confectioner            Yorkshire, Wetherby

John Thos. Turner   Son  S  30  Gardener & Seedsman     Yorkshire, Wetherby


Death certificate


When and where died: Fourth February 1897

                     Wetherby R.D.

Name and surname:    John Turner

Sex:                 Male

Age:                 97 years

Occupation:          Gardener and seedsman


Cause of death:      Senile Decay

                     Certified by A.S. Robinson M.B.

Signature, description and residence of informant:

                     J. Thos. Turner


                     in attendance


When registered:     Sixth February 1897




This is the last Will and Testament of me John Turner of Wetherby in the County of York Gardener. I devise and bequeath all the real and personal estate to which I shall be entitled at the time of my decease unto my dear wife Sarah Turner absolutely but as to estates vested in me upon trust or by way of mortgage subject to the equities affecting the same respectively. And I appoint my said wife sole Executrix of this my Will hereby revoking all other Testamentary writings. In witness whereof I have to this my last Will and Testament set my hand this twenty eighth day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty six.


John Turner


Signed by the said John Turner and by him published and declared as and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of us being present at the same time who in his presence and at his request and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses.


Andrew Young               Clerks to Messrs Coates and

John Holiday Smith         Son Solicitors Wetherby


On the 10th day of September 1897 Probate of this Will was granted at Wakefield to Sarah Turner the sole Executrix.