Ann Sowden (1836-1875)


Marriage certificate


Marriage solemnized at The Parish Church in the Parish of Leeds in the County of York.

When married:

September 18 1858

Name and surname:

James GREENWOOD             Ann SOWDEN


23                          22


Bachelor                    Spinster

Rank or profession:


Residence at the time of marriage:

Douro Street                New Wortley

Father’s name and surname:

George GREENWOOD            Joseph SOWDEN

Rank or profession of father:

Weaver                      Weaver


Witnesses: William Scales, Mary Guy, Edwin Moore


Death certificate


Death in the Sub-district of Wortley in the County of York.

When and where died:

Fifteenth March 1875

4 Gashouse Court

New Wortley

Name and surname:

Ann Greenwood




38 Years


Wife of James Greenwood

Iron Moulder

Cause of death:

Rheumatic Fever – 17 days

Certified by John B. Bradbury L.S.A.C

Signature, description and residence of informant:

James Greenwood

Widower of Deceased.

Present at Death

4 Gashouse Court

New Wortley

When registered:

Sixteenth March 1875