Sarah Pearson (1823-1867)


Death certificate


Death in the District of Wortley in the County of York.

When and where died:

Twenty eighth October 1867

Lower Wortley

Name and surname:

Sarah Dixon




43 years


Wife of James Dixon

Coal Miner

Cause of death:

Hemorrhage after childbirth

from adherent placenta

2 hours


Signature, description and residence of informant:

James Dixon

Present at death

Lower Wortley

When registered:

Twenty ninth October 1867


Monumental inscription (Wortley Cemetery)


In Memory of

Hannah daughter of James and Sarah Dixon of Wortley who died Feb 20th 1865 aged 4 years and 6 months.

Also Willie Dixon their son who died April 30th 1865 aged 2 years and 4 month[s].

Also the above Sarah Dixon who died October 28th 1867 in the 44th year of her age.

Also the above James Dixon who died March 19th 1892 in his 66th year.