Rees Bowen (c1804-1888)


1841 census returns


Cabian, Llanyre [f8] (all in this household were recorded as being born in Radnorshire)


Rees Bowen ††††††35 †††††††Ag Lab

Margaret Bowen ††30

Richard Bowen †††10

John Bowen †††††††7

Theoffilus Bowen 5

Thomas Bowen †††††2

David Bowen ††††††4 months

Margret Bowen ††††6

Elizabeth Bowen ††3

Ann Ingram ††††††10 †††††††F.S.


1851 census returns


Meadow, Llanyre [f197]


Rice Bowen ††††Head †††Mar 42 Ag. Labourer ††††††††Radnor. Nantmel

Margaret Bowen Wife †††Mar 43 †††††††††††††††††††††Radnor. Nantmel

Thomas Bowen †††son ††††††††11 Scholar ††††††††††††††Radnor. Llanyre

David Bowen ††††son ††††††††††9 Scholar ††††††††††††††Radnor. Llanyre

Daniel Bowen †††son ††††††††††8 ††††††††††††††††††††††Radnor. Llanyre

Sarah Bowen ††††daur †††††††††6 ††††††††††††††††††††††Radnor. Llanyre

William Bowen ††son ††††††††††4 ††††††††††††††††††††††Radnor. Llanyre


1861 census returns


Box, Llanyre (The name of the granddaughter is given here as transcribed by Dianne Foster, a record searcher. I hope to identify the child more fully at a later date.)


Rees Bowen †††††††Head ††Mar 56 Ag Lab ††††††Radnor. Llanfareth

Margaret Bowen ††Wife ††Mar 55 †††††††††††††Radnor. Cwmtoyddwr

Mary A Davies ††††Boarder †††††9 Nurse Child Radnor. Llanyre

Fena? Bowen ††††††G/daur ††††††5 Nurse Child Radnor. Llandegley

William Stephens At nurse ††††1 †††††††††††††Radnor. Llanyre


1871 census returns


Cwmlewelin, Llanganten [RG10/5575 f82]


Rees Bowen††††† Head††† Mar64Ag. Lab.††††††††††††† Radnorshire Llanvareth

Margaret BowenWife††† Mar63Ag. Laborerís Wife††† Radnorshire Cwmdaiddwr

Sarah Ingram††† LodgerUnm73Annuitant†††††††††††† Montgomery Landinam


Death certificate


Death in the Sub-district of Colwyn in the County of Radnor.

When and where died:

Seventh June 1888

Springfield Cottage

Llandrindod R.S.D.

Name and surname:

Rees Bowen




87 years



Cause of death:


Certified by W. Bowen Davies L.R.C.P.L.

Signature, description and residence of informant:

William Bowen


Present at the Death



When registered:

Eighth June 1888