Nicholas Grose (bur 1643)




This will made the 28th day of June


The last will and testament of Nicolas Grose An Do 1643


In the name of God Amen I commend my spiriet into the hands of almighty God and my body unto the holy earth beinge in my parfet sence and memory


Imprimis I give to Jane my wife one kowe one tow year ould heafer one mare tenn sheep the best crok and best pann one kaldron and the pann wich was her oune three platters one [p?]udden bol and other smale things


Item I give to my wife the livinge to locken yeat as longe as shee live if the tow lives live soe longe


Item I give to my wife my one beed furnished and one but of be[.]s


Item I give to my sonne Robart Grose thirty shillings


Item I give to Robart Grose his children twinty one shillings beinge three shillings to each of them


Item I give to George Grose his dafter Jane one toycan ould heafer


Item I give to my tow sonnes George Grose and Ambrus Grose beinge made executors alike all the rest of my Goods and livings and have heare unto put my hand the day and yeare first above written


The sine of Nicolas Grose

George Rescorla sen

and George Rescorlla Juner





A true inventory Indented of all the goods Cattalls and Chattles [edge missing] Nicholas Grosse late of Luxulian in the County of Cornewall yeom[ missing] deceased praised and valued xxixth day of December Ano dom 16[ missing] by Walter Pooley and Thomas Williams as followeth:



l s d

Impris his purse girdle knife sheath money in his purse and wearing apparel 0i 00 00

Itm i bed 00 13 04

Itm i other featherbed furnished 0i 00 00

Itm i flaskett and 2 Cofers 00 02 00

Itm 9 Platters 00 08 00

Itm his spoones and one Candelstick 00 0i 00

Itm 2 kowes 00 02 00

Itm i panne 00 10 00

Itm 5 old pans 0i 00 00

Itm i Crocke 00 05 00

Itm his victuals 00 06 08

Itm A Cage and stoole & i forme 00 03 04

Itm 2 Oxen & 2 Steeres 09 00 00

Itm his woode 0i 00 00

Itm 4 acres of Corne in the ground wheat and Rye 05 00 00

Itm 4 kyne 08 00 00

Itm 5 yong Bullocks 06 05 00

Itm i horse or Nagg 0i 10 00

Itm i old mare and Colt 0i 05 00

Itm i other mare 00 i0 00

Itm 5 rearing Calves 02 i0 00

Itm the Corne in the mowhey 12 00 00

Itm i0 sheepe 02 00 00

Itm his hoggs and pigs 00 i3 04

Itm his Pultery 00 0i 06

Itm all his Iron worke belonging to husbandry 00 i0 00

Itm i Cow and a heifer 03 00 00

Itm 2 panns & i Crock i Caudron & i wooden Boule 0i 00 00

Itm i0 sheepe 0i 05 00

Itm for forgotten goods yf any be


[bottom edge missing on my copy]