Hannah McNeil (1841-1881)


Baptism entry (St. Peter, Liverpool)


2 Aug 1841; Hannah; John & Hannah McNeile; Front Portland Street; Engineer


1851 census


The following entry may relate to the Hannah McNeil who later married John Wilson, although if it does then the age given is inaccurate. Mary Ann McNeil, another daughter of John McNeil and Hannah Sewell, was also at this institution at the time of the 1851 census.


Female Orphan Asylum, Myrtle St., South Liverpool [HO107/2183 f453-457]


Hannah McNeil†† PupilU6Scholar††† Liverpool


Marriage certificate


Marriage solemnized at the Register Office in the District of Carlisle in the County of Cumberland.

When married:

Twentysixth August 1866

Name and surname:

John WILSON†††††††††††††††† Hannah McNEIL


26 years††††††††††††††††††† 23 years


Bachelor††††††††††††††††††† Spinster

Rank or profession:

Railway Porter††††††††††††† Domestic Servant

Residence at the time of marriage:

William Street†††††† †††††††Botcherby

Carlisle††††††††††††††††††† St Cuthbert

Fatherís name and surname:

Thomas WILSON†††††††††††††† John McNEIL (deceased)

Rank or profession of father:

Husbandry Labourer††††††††† Engineer


Witnesses: Edward Wilson, Jane Wilson


1871 census


Raglan Place, Tanfield [RG10/4955 f93]


JohnWilsonHead Mar 30 Cartman††††††† Scotland

Hannah Do†††† Wife Mar 28††††††††††††††† Lancashire Liverpool

Thos†† Do††††† Son††††† 4††††††††††††††† Durham Blaydon

JamesDo††††† Son††††† 2††††††††††††††††† Do†††† Do

John†† Do††††† Son††† 2mo††††††††††††††††† Do†† Tanfield


1881 census


Tanfield [RG11/4942 f17]


John Wilson†††† Head M 40 Cartman††††††† Scotland

Hannah Wilson†† Wife M 38††††††††††††††† Liverpool, Lancashire

Thomas Wilson††† Son†† 13 Scholar††††††Blaydon, Durham

John Wilson††††† Son†† 10 Scholar††††††† Tanfield, Durham

Margaret WilsonDau††† 6 Scholar††††††† Tanfield, Durham

William Wilson†† Son††† 4††††††††††††††† Tanfield, Durham

Jessie Wilson††† Dau†† 3m††††††††††††††† Tanfield, Durham


Monumental inscription (St. James, Burnopfield)


In Affectionate Remembrance of

John Wilson who died Decr 28th 1888 aged 48 years

Also of Hannah his wife who died Octr 24th 1881 aged 38 years

Also of Thomas their son who died Decr 12th 1887 aged 20 years

Also James and Edward and Edwin who died in their infancy

Also of John their son who died March 9th 1909 aged 36 years