Margaret McNeil (1837-1908)


Baptism entry (St. Peter, Liverpool)


27 Jun 1837; Margaret; John & Hannah McNeil; Portland Street; Engineer


1841 census


Front Portland Street, Liverpool [HO107/564 f16]


John†† McNeale 30 Engineer†††† S

Hannah†† do††† 25††††††††††††† N

James††† do††† 15 Ap Plumber†† S

James††† do†††† 6††††††††††††† Y

Margaret do†††† 4††††††††††††† Y


William Lewis40 Shoe Mkr†††† N

Catharine do†† 30††††††††††††† I

John††††† do††† 7††††††††††††† Y

Mary††††† do††† 2††††††††††††† I


1851 census


48 Virgil Street, Liverpool [HO107/2176 f275]


John Williams†††††††† HeadMar38Pilot††††††††† [Amlwch?], Anglesea

Catherine Williams††† WifeMar36†††††††††††††††† [Amlwch?], Anglesea

John Williams††††††††† Son††††††† 9Scholar††††††† Liverpool

Hugh Williams††††††††† Son††††††† 8Scholar††††††† Liverpool

Margaret McNeill†† Servant†††††† 14House servantLiverpool

1861 census


Ellanside Hause, Low Ireby [RG9/3930 f45]


Henrita Bauch†††††††††††† HeadWid76†††††††††††††††† Maryport Cumberland

John†††† Do††††††††††††††† SonUnm47Gentelman†††††† Do†††††† Do

John Bauch Hutchinson†† Gr Son††††††† 4†††††††††††††††Liverpool Lancash

Jane Bauch Hautch[Ö]†††††† DauMar33†††††††††††††††† Liverpool Lancash

Michael Hautchson††††† VisitorUnm48Shipowner††††† Maryport Cumberland

Margart McNeil†††††††† ServantUnm22Gen. Servant†† Liverpool Lancash


Marriage certificate


Marriage solemnized at the Parish Church in the Parish of Ireby in the County of Cumberland.

When married:

24th December 1864

Name and surname:

Edward Wilson Dixon†††††††† Margaret McNeil


22††††††††††††††††††††††††† 25


Bachelor††††††††††††††††††† Spinster

Rank or profession:

School master†††††††††††††† Housekeeper

Residence at the time of marriage:

Low Ireby†††††††††††††††††† Ellanside Avenue

Fatherís name and surname:

George Dixon††††††††††††††† John McNeil

Rank or profession of father:

Bookseller††††††††††††††††† Engineer


Witnesses: Thomas Creighton, Hannah McNeil, John Bouch, John Forrester, Joseph Scott


Death certificate


Death in the Sub-district of West Derby Eastern in the County of Liverpool.

When and where died:

Thirty first October 1908

40 Cowper Road UD

Name and surname:

Margaret DIXON




68 Years


Wife of Edward Wilson DIXON

Builders Manager

Cause of death:

Carcinoma of liver

Certified by H A Clarke MD

Signature, description and residence of informant:

Eleanor Dixon

Daughter in law

In attendance

58 Lenister Road

West Derby

When registered:

Thirty first October 1908