JESSIE WILSON (1880-1918)




Sample of writing


Birth certificate


When and where born:

Thirtieth December 1880

Busty Bank

Tanfield R.S.D.

Name, if any:       




Name and surname of father:

John Wilson

Name, surname and maiden surname of mother:

Hannah Wilson formerly McNeil

Occupation of father:


Signature, description and residence of informant:

Hannah Wilson


Busty Bank


When registered:

First March 1881


1881 census


Tanfield [RG11/4942 f17]


John Wilson     Head M 40 Cartman        Scotland

Hannah Wilson   Wife M 38                Liverpool, Lancashire

Thomas Wilson    Son   13 Scholar        Blaydon, Durham

John Wilson      Son   10 Scholar        Tanfield, Durham

Margaret Wilson  Dau    6 Scholar        Tanfield, Durham

William Wilson   Son    4                Tanfield, Durham

Jessie Wilson    Dau   3m                Tanfield, Durham


1891 census


Pasture Head, Canonbie


Thomas Wilson Head       Marr 79  Formerly drainer   Dumfriesshire Canonbie

Elen         fife [sic]  Do  70                                  Halmorton [sic]

Jessie       G daur          10  Scholar            England


Marriage certificate


Marriage solemnized at the Register Office in the District of Tynemouth in the Counties of Northumberland, Tynemouth C.B. and Newcastle-Upon-Tyne C.B..

When married:

Twenty sixth July 1911

Name and surname:

John Dixon                  Jessie Wilson


41 years                    30 years


Widower                     Spinster

Rank or profession:

Joiner (Journeyman)

Residence at the time of marriage:

40 The Avenue               40 The Avenue

Wallsend                    Wallsend

Father’s name and surname:

Edward Wilson Dixon         John Wilson (deceased)

Rank or profession of father:

Manager in                  Carrier

Galvanizing Works


Witnesses: A. Crinkley, Percy Drew


Death certificate


Death in the Sub-district of Wallsend in the County of Northumberland.

When and where died:

Eighteenth November 1918

11 Maurice Road U.D.

Name and surname:

Jessie DIXON




37 years


Wife of John DIXON

a Joiner (Journeyman)

Cause of death:

(1) Influenza

(2) Pneumonia

Certified by David R. MacGregor M.B.

Signature, description and residence of informant:

John Dixon

Widower of Deceased

Present at the Death

11 Maurice Road

When registered:

Nineteenth November 1918