Notes written partly by Lancelot’s father, George Sercombe Daniels


My son Lancelot was born at 2 Princess Terrace, Ripon, at 5.20 p.m. (Mr. Husband Esq Surgeon, Mrs. Bayes Nurse) Tuesday, Sep 4th 1888.


Bap. by Rev. R. Mandale Oct 9th 1888 in Wes. Chap. Ripon – cut his first tooth, Apl 13th 1889


Walked alone Sep 16. 1889 – Aug 1890 went to Whitehaven & Isle of Man for 10 days with Eliza (the servant).


Went to Carlton Hill Board School. August 1892.


Went away for first time by himself on a visit to Mr. Snell at Newport Yorks. July 29. 1893.


Went to Higher Grade School Leeds Sept 1897.


Marriage certificate


Marriage solemnized at Wesleyan Methodist Church, Oxford Road, Guiseley in the District of Wharfedale in the County of York.

When married:

Fourteenth May 1914

Name and surname:

Lancelot Daniels            Nellie Turner


25 years                    21 years


Bachelor                    Spinster

Rank or profession:

Tobacconist Manager

Residence at the time of marriage:

16 Blandford Gardens        1 Oxford Villas

Leeds                       Guiseley

Father’s name and surname:

George Sercombe Daniels     Henry Turner


Rank or profession of father:




Henry Turner, Lillias Dovey Dawson