William Symons (b c1801)


1841 census


Yeolmbridge Village, Werrington [HO107/259]


Wm     Symons   40      Ag lab   Y

Sarah    do     35               N

William  do     12               Y

Richard  do     10               Y

Ann      do      7               Y

Susan    do      5               Y

Sarah    do      3               Y

John     do   10 months          Y


1851 census


Yestonbridge Village [as given on the 1851 British Census CD but probably Yeolmbridge] [HO107/1899 f251]


William SYMONS    Head  M     50    Stone Masons Lab    Launceston-Cornwall

Sarah SYMONS      Wife  M     48                        Boyton-Cornwall

Samuel SYMONS     Son   U     23    Stone Masons Lab    Werrington-Devon

William SYMONS    Son   U     20    Stone Masons Lab    Werrington-Devon

Ann SYMONS        Daur  U     17    Serv                Werrington-Devon

Grace SYMONS      Daur  -      5    Scholar             Werrington-Devon


1861 census


Calvanna Park, St. Stephens by Launceston [RG9/1519 f96]


Samuel Symons    Head          Mar  33  Farm Bailif of 300 acres employing   Werrington

                                        9 labourers (For R Dingley Esqr)

Jane     Do      Wife          Mar  34                                       Northcott Hamlet

William  Do      Father        Widr 61  Farm lab                             Werrington

John     Do  Brother & Lodger  Un   20  Farm lab                             Werrington


Death certificate


Death in the district of Saint Stephens in the Counties of Devon and Cornwall.

When and where died:

Twenty third January 1870

Lower Truscott

St. Stephens

Name and surname:

William Symons




69 Years


Farm Labourer

Cause of death:

Morbus Cardis

15 years

Pulmonary congestion

3 weeks


Signature, description and residence of informant:

William Symons

In attendance



When registered:

Twenty sixth January 1870